Mr. Perfection 8

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About This Set: 2017
This was a very interesting year. Dell Hanson entered the coin market in a big way. I believe he purchased at least four complete sets and is also trying to acquire one of every other coin. He currently has over 500 sets in the'
works. WOW! Dell purchased the Chrismor PR Seated Half set. It was one of the best purchases Dell made. Yes he
has also bought many single incredible coins, but this my far is his nicest set. Even though many coins are not CAC
Ted had a passion like myself for amazing eye appeal coins. This set is beautiful. Congratulations to both Dell and Ted.
However the set is not number one by average coin grade. The Perfection set is actually ahead by one point.
Yes PCGS gives top pop bonus, which if you have read my previous thoughts you know I believe this is absurd.
The purpose of the registry is to compete, and not for the wealthiest people to buy the best coins which will out
weigh many lower graded ones. Why give more point to top graded coins when they are already the best? I cannot
figure out why they did this. It is what it is. I asked PCGS to reward both the top pop set and the best coin set when this happens but they declined.
It rarely occurs that a lower set is actually the top set. It happened to me in the Proof Trade dollar Set.
I am ahead by score, but Mr. Simpson's set is actually better by coin average.
Regardless, both the Hansen and the Perfection sets have amazing coins in them and are a compliment to the
beauty of Seated halves.

I added four superb coins this year. I am not looking to compete with Ted but I will buy amazing halves that either are nicer than what I own or of a higher grade if the price is fair. I am not overpaying simply for higher scores. PR Seated Halves have fallen this year, so I was able to purchase beautiful examples in lower grades at good prices. These seem under valued for their age, beauty and rarity.

CAC Complete Set!.....

Mr. Chrismor, I submit. Your set is beautiful. I can see that you do not simply buy the grade like many people do. I am done with this set BUT will continue to replace any of my non toned coins with examples that have amazing eye appeal. Sure some people believe white CAMS and DCAMS do, but in this series I prefer toned coins.

I am done competing as you have received eight top pop bonuses and four ties. I am sure you agree that getting additional points without improving your coins does not seem to be fair but it is what it is. Please consider making your set all top of the grade (CAC) coins so we can compete more evenly.
Good job on an amazing set.

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Great set, congratulations! I see a lot of old friends. At least nine of your coins came from my set. Just looked at Ted's recently retired set as well, and another nine of my coins are (were) in his set as well. Wish I still had them all.

Posted at 8/21/2017 7:31 PM by ronyahski

Your set is top notch as well! Congratulations to you on all your sets

Posted at 7/10/2015 12:41 PM by TedChristofolis

I am in the process adding pedigree to the set then on to CAC

Posted at 7/10/2015 12:40 PM by TedChristofolis

Thank you for the kind words

Posted at 7/10/2015 12:39 PM by TedChristofolis

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