1890-S/S 10C RPM FS-501, F-107 (FS-006) MS64 Certification #15017559, PCGS #145508

Owner's Comments

The Medium S mintmark on 1890-S FS-501 exhibits a strong right tilt. There is an artifact in the upper loop of the Medium S; this artifact has been designated as the remnants of a Small S mintmark in the Cherrypicker's Guide by Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton. After close examination of the Medium S mintmark on several examples of FS-501, I am not completely convinced that this variety is a Medium S over Small S mintmark. The lower loop of the Medium S does not show any evidence or remnants of a Small S mintmark. During earlier years, Seated dimes from the San Francisco mint have exhibited Medium S mintmarks with a punch defect in the upper loop. Until I see an example of FS-501 with both the upper and lower loops of the Small S mintmark visible under the Medium S, there will be uncertainty in my mind as to the accuracy of the Medium S over Small S mintmark designation. For more information and macro images, please see the www.seateddimevarieties.com website and the following link; http://www.seateddimevarieties.com/date_mintmark/1890s_111page.htm
17.90 millimeters
James Barton Longacre
2.50 grams
Metal Content
90% Silver, 10% Copper
The United States of America
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