1982 1C Bronze Small Date, RD MS67+ RD Certification #25373820, PCGS #146020

Expert Comments

Jaime Hernandez

In 1982, seven different varieties of 1982 cents were produced. Due to the escalating price of copper and Lincoln cents costing more to produce than one cent, the U.S. Mint changed the composition of 1982 Bronze cents and began producing zinc cents instead.

Some 1982 cents were struck at Denver and these carry a D mint mark. The 1982 cents with no mint marks were struck at Philadelphia, San Francisco, and West Point. However, all coins struck at these three Mints did not carry a mint mark. Consequently, it is impossible to differentiate where 1982 cents with no mint marks originated from.

The 1982-P Small Date copper Lincoln cent is one of the most difficult memorial cents to find in high grade condition. They are scarce even in MS64 and MS65 grades. It is one of the most difficult varieties to find in high grade out of all seven different varieties of this date.

In MS66 grade and higher, they are extremely difficult to find. In 2007, I searched many rolls and bags of this date and the nicest examples I ever found were very low end MS64 examples. I gave up on looking for this date, as it is too difficult to find nice examples.

Victor David Brenner/Frank Gasparro
19.00 millimeters
3.11 grams
95% Copper, 5% Zinc
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The United States of America
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