1776 $1 CURENCY, Pewter AU55 Certification #08808018, PCGS #791

Owner's Comments

This is one of the highlights of my collection and the piece most people look at when I display my set at coin shows. In my experience, most of these have been dipped or cleaned through the years and have an artificially light color, but this one is all original, with the deep gray patina of natural pewter.

Expert Comments

P. Scott Rubin

The 1776 Pewter Continental Currency Dollar is a very mysterious issue, as there is no documentation known authorizing its issue. This particular variety is known for its incorrect spelling of the word currency on the obverse die. Eric Newman has three different die combinations for this variety all using the same obverse die and, in fact, using the same reverse die. However, the reverse die was modified twice during its usage to strike coins in three different metals, Pewter, Brass and Silver.

While the Pewter coins are the most common of the three metals used for this issue, they also contain some of the rarest die varieties. The Curency (with one R) coins represent three Newman variety numbers N-1-A, N-1-B and N-1-C. The A reverse has small dots surrounding the colonies’ names.. The B reverse is the same die as A only the die has been re-engraved, adding solid lines through the dots for a more solid chain. Finally the die was lapped and the dots virtually removed and new, thicker solid lines used to create the chains on the C reverse.

While the N-1-C Pewter Continental Curency Dollar is a scarce coin, with maybe as many as a few hundred or more known, the other two varieties N-1-A and N-1-B are extremely rare. The N-1-A at the current time (Feb., 2015) is known by only one Pewter specimen. The N-1-B Pewter variety is known by seven examples, of which five are believed to be in grades of About Uncirculated or better.

The Pewter N-1-A Pewter Continental Curency Dollar was only discovered in late 2014 and offered for sale in Heritage’s 2015 FUN Platinum Night Sale as lot 4004. PCGS graded the coin as Genuine with Edge or Rim Damage, while Heritage gives the coin a grade of Very Fine Details. This unique discovery coin realized $117,500. At the same Heritage 2015 FUN Sale, the Donald Partrick Collection contained the finest currently graded Pewter N-1-B Pewter Continental Curency Dollar, graded MS-64 by NGC and sold as lot 5837 for $199,750. At the same auction, an N-1-C Pewter Continental Curency Dollar, graded MS-65 by NGC as lot 5839 sold for $246,750.

Analyzing these sales, it appears that grade trumps rarity for the Pewter Continental Curency Dollars.
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1 MS65 PCGS grade
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3 MS64 PCGS grade
3 MS64 PCGS grade
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#2 MS65 PCGS estimated grade
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#3 MS64 PCGS grade
#3 MS64 PCGS grade