1841-O 10C Trans Rev, Lg O, Sm Lett FS-902 (FS-003.3) F-101 AU55 Certification #06935835, PCGS #145487

Owner's Comments

A single 1841 obverse die was used to strike both Large and Small O transitional Closed Bud dimes in early 1841, probably January. The obverse is found well struck on the few high grade Closed Bud examples that exist. Reverse A is the left over 1840-O Reverse (A) which was previously shown in a late die state during its usage in 1840. In this final die state, Reverse A is badly cracked with numerous die cracks from the rim to the letters in the legend. Cherrypicking either an example of the Large or Small O Closed Bud can also be accomplished by studying either the obverse or the reverse die. Since the same obverse die was only used with the transitional reverses, its date, which is farther left than on any other 1841 obverse, can be an important diagnostic. The differences between an Open and Closed Bud Reverse is obvious in higher grades. In lower grades, one must examine the position of the lower left wreath leaf with respect to (U)NITED. See the photos above as a guide. I consider both the Large and Small O transitional Closed Bud dimes to be key coins in the Top 100 LIberty Seated Dime Variety set. The plate coin is currently the second finest known example of the 1841-O Large O Closed Bud transitional variety.

Expert Comments

Jaime Hernandez

The 1841-O Liberty Seated Dime Transitional Reverse with a Large O with Small letters is very rare. The variety is easily distinguishable, especially by looking at the "O" mint mark, as it is much larger than the "Small O" variety. PCGS has only graded about 15 examples in all grades combined. There is also a Medium O variety which appears to be even rarer.  

17.90 millimeters
Robert Ball Hughes/Christian Gobrecht
2.67 grams
Metal Content
90% Silver, 10% Copper
The United States of America
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