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Mintage: 7,700,000
Obverse Dies: 7 Known With Type I Reverse and 14 Known With Type II Reverse

1877 Carson City dimes are common in all grades including Mint State. The Type I Reverse is slightly scarcer than Type II Reverse examples, however the Type I reverse is still fairly common and straightforward to locate. The number of known obverse dies paired with Type II reverse dies will continue to increase as more research occurs.

Plate Coin: Early Die State of Ahwash 7 Obverse Paired With an Unlisted Cracked Reverse Die, Subtle Light Rose/Lavendar Tone Over Problem Free Surfaces, A Really Nice PQ Coin for the Variety

Expert Comments

Ron Guth

The 1877-CC Dime has the second largest mintage of any date in this denomination (only the 1876-CC Dime has a larger mintage).  However, the popularity of this western Mint means that a premium price is always charged for this date.  Literally hundreds of examples 1877-CC Dimes exist in Mint State, so collectors will have no problem finding a nice one to add to their holdings.  It is only in MS67 that the 1877-CC Dime becomes rare.

Most examples are frosty and lustrous, but a few examples are Prooflike.

This date comes with either a Type I or a Type II reverse.  Dime expert, Gerry Fortin, has identified ten die varieties among the Type 1 reverses and 22 die varieties among the Type II reverses.

17.90 millimeters
James Barton Longacre
2.50 grams
Metal Content
90% Silver, 10% Copper
The United States of America
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Rarity and Survival Estimates

65 or Better 6000 R-3.8 66 / 67 121 / 122
All Grades 2000 R-4.6 66 / 67 121 / 122
60 or Better 125 R-7.7 57 / 67 TIE 106 / 122 TIE

Condition Census

Pos Grade Thumbnail Pedigree and History
1 MS67+ PCGS grade8 MS67+ PCGS grade8

D.L. Hansen Collection

2 MS67 PCGS grade MS67 PCGS grade

Heritage 6/2015:3865, $7,931

2 MS67 PCGS grade MS67 PCGS grade

Heritage 10/2015:3148, $5,405

2 MS67 PCGS grade

Heritage 11/2004:6218 (d) - Heritage 10/2014:98277, $7,931.25

2 MS67 PCGS grade