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Ron Guth

The 1889 Silver Dollar is a very common coin, with literally tens of thousands of certified Mint State examples available.  Thousands of MS65 examples have been certified by PCGS, as have hundreds of MS66 and better examples.  Where this date gets really rare is at the MS67 level.  The finest example is a single PCGS MS68.

Cameo and Deep Cameo examples represent a mere fraction of the total population, but they are still readily available in the market.  Both Cameo and Deep Cameo examples can be found up through MS66, but no further.

38.10 millimeters
George T. Morgan
26.73 grams
Metal Content
90% Silver, 10% Copper
The United States of America
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Pop Lower
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Rarity and Survival Estimates

65 or Better 2200000 R-1.0 94 / 117 TIE 94 / 117 TIE
All Grades 200000 R-1.9 75 / 117 TIE 75 / 117 TIE
60 or Better 6700 R-3.6 79 / 117 TIE 79 / 117 TIE

Condition Census

Pos Grade Thumbnail Pedigree and History
1 MS68 PCGS grade  
	MS68 PCGS grade

Jack Lee 1/Jack Lee 2 Collections - Sanderson Family Collection - Heritage 1/2009:4986, $25,300 - Gold River Collection (PCGS Set Registry

2 MS67 PCGS grade  
	PCGS #7188 (MS) 67

David Lawrence 6/2018:1490503, $17,000 - Gjgott Collection (PCGS Set Registry)

2 MS67 PCGS grade MS67 PCGS grade

Heritage 1/2011:5658, $18,400 - IPS Collection (PCGS Set Registry)

2 MS67 PCGS grade
2 MS67 PCGS grade