1899-S 25C MS67 Certification #25338669, PCGS #5624

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Ron Guth

Among all the S-Mint Barber Quarter Dollars, the 1899-S has the second lowest overall population in the PCGS Population Report -- even lower than the famous 1901-S and only slightly above the 1898-S.  As expected, the 1899-S is diffcult to locate in high grade, with just a few dozen Mint State examples to satisfy intense collector demand.  Fortunately, most Mint State survivors are nice, and the PCGS CoinFacts Condition Census includes ten coins that grade from MS66 to MS68.  The lone MS68 is from the celebrated John C. Hugon Collection and it holds the current price record for the date, even though that record is from 2005.

24.30 millimeters
Charles E. Barber
6.30 grams
Metal Content
90% Silver, 10% Copper
The United States of America
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Rarity and Survival Estimates

65 or Better 2000 R-4.6 1 / 74 TIE 1 / 74 TIE
All Grades 80 R-8.2 1 / 74 TIE 1 / 74 TIE
60 or Better 40 R-8.7 20 / 74 TIE 20 / 74 TIE

Condition Census

Pos Grade Thumbnail Pedigree and History
1 MS68 PCGS grade

John C. Hugon Collection - Heritage 1/2005:4123, $19,550

2 MS67+ PCGS grade MS67+ PCGS grade

RSD Collection (PCGS Set Registry)

3 MS67 PCGS grade MS67 PCGS grade

D.L. Hansen Collection

3 MS67 PCGS grade MS67 PCGS grade
3 MS67 PCGS grade