1995-S 50C Silver, DCAM PR70DCAM Certification #26224109, PCGS #96840

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Jaime Hernandez

The 1995-S Proof Silver Kennedy Half Dollar is a very popular coin within the Proof Kennedy Half Dollar series. Since 1964 the Mint has struck several millions of Proof Kennedy Half Dollars but in 1995 the Mint stuck 679,985, making it the lowest mintage Proof Kennedy Half Dollar up until 2009.

As in the 2010 the Mint struck 585,401 Silver Proof Kennedy Half Dollars. As the years went by, the Mint kept striking Proof Kennedy Half Dollars in even lower mintages than the 2010-S Silver, that the 1995-S Silver Proof Kennedy Half Dollar slowly dropped in popularity. Although, prices for the 1995-S Silver are usually higher than lower mintage Proof Kennedy Half's from 2010 an going forward.   

30.61 millimeters
Gilroy Roberts/Frank Gasparro
150 Reeds
11.30 grams
Metal Content
90% Silver, 10% Copper
The United States of America
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Rarity and Survival Estimates

65 or Better 645985 R-1.4 1 / 15 1 / 19
All Grades 645985 R-1.4 1 / 15 1 / 19
60 or Better 633066 R-1.4 1 / 15 TIE 1 / 19 TIE