1998-S 50C SMS SP70 Certification #26759446, PCGS #6775

Expert Comments

Ron Guth

The 1998-S SMS Half Dollar has an unusual Matte Finish made solely for collectors as part of a two piece "Kennedy Collector's Set" containing the Half Dollar and an Uncirculated version of the Robert F. Kennedy Silver Dollar.  Both coins were made of 90% silver.  The two-piece sets were issued at $59.95 and the mintage was limited to the number of sets ordered.  Depending on the source, we've seen mintage figures of 62,000, 62,350, 63,250, and 64,000 for this coin (please let us know if you can show us an original citation for the correct mintage figure).  Regardless of which figure is correct, the 1998-S SMS is the rarest of all the Kennedy Half Dollars.

30.61 millimeters
Gilroy Roberts/Frank Gasparro
150 Reeds
12.50 grams
Metal Content
90% Silver, 10% Copper
The United States of America
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Pos Grade Thumbnail Pedigree and History
1 SP70 PCGS grade SP70 PCGS grade
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1 SP70 PCGS grade
1 SP70 PCGS grade
1 SP70 PCGS grade