2000-D SAC$1 MS68 Certification #19045077, PCGS #9585

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Jaime Hernandez

This is the first year in which the Denver Mint issued Sacagawea Dollars for circulation. This also happens to be the second highest mintage for the Sacagawea Dollar circulation strike series. The only highest mintage coin is the 2000-P.

Initially, the Mint expected a huge demand for the new one dollar coins and the Mint produced them by the hundreds of millions. After the first year, the Mint realized the coins were not as popular as they originally expected.


Consequently, the following year the mintages were drastically reduced from hundreds of millions to tens of millions. By the third year or in 2003 the mintages decreased even more. From 2004 through 2008, the mintages were now all under 4 million for each year and from each Mint.


The 2000-D Sacagawea Dollar is abundant due to its very high mintage. It is only somewhat scarce in MS67 condition and higher.


Glenna Goodacre/Thomas D. Rogers Sr.
26.50 millimeters
8.10 grams
88.5% Copper, 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese and 2% Nickel
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The United States of America
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65 or Better 518000000 R-1.0 1 / 13 TIE N/A
All Grades 207200000 R-1.0 1 / 13 TIE N/A
60 or Better 25900000 R-1.0 7 / 13 TIE N/A
65 or Better 518000000
All Grades 207200000
60 or Better 25900000
65 or Better R-1.0
All Grades R-1.0
60 or Better R-1.0
65 or Better 1 / 13 TIE
All Grades 1 / 13 TIE
60 or Better 7 / 13 TIE
65 or Better N/A
All Grades N/A
60 or Better N/A

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Pos Grade Thumbnail Pedigree and History
1 MS69 PCGS grade
1 MS69 PCGS grade
3 MS68 PCGS grade MS68 PCGS grade
3 MS68 PCGS grade MS68 PCGS grade
3 MS68 PCGS grade
#1 MS69 PCGS grade
#1 MS69 PCGS grade
MS68 PCGS grade #3 MS68 PCGS grade
MS68 PCGS grade #3 MS68 PCGS grade
#3 MS68 PCGS grade