2004-D 5C Keel Boat MS67 Certification #80839581, PCGS #4157

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Keel Boat Thank you Micheal @ Tazmic

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Jaime Hernandez

In 2004 the Mint introduced two new reverse designs that evoked the historic expedition into the Louisiana Territory. The first was the Peace Medal design and the second and final design was the 2004 Keelboat design.

The 2004-D Keelboat Nickel is plentiful in uncirculated grades of MS60 - MS65. In grades of MS66 it becomes somewhat scarce but yet still easily obtainable. In MS67 grade it is somewhat scarce with possibly several thousand examples in existence but most raw examples will probably never be discovered or preserved due to its large mintage. In MS68 grade, it is almost unobtainable with about 30 examples known with none being higher.

The 2004-D Keelboat Nickel is a bit tougher to find in MS68 grades than the 2004-P.

Obverse: The obverse illustrates the same Thomas Jefferson motif used from 1938 to date.

Reverse: The reverse features and angled side view of the keelboat with full sail that transported members of the expedition and their supplies, through the rivers of the Louisiana territory in search of a northwest passage to the Pacific Ocean. The 55 foot keelboat could be sailed, rowed pooled like a raft or towed from the riverbank.

Felix Schlag/Al Maletsky
21.20 millimeters
5.00 grams
75% Copper, 25% Nickel
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The United States of America
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65 or Better 275904000 R-1.0 1 / 4 TIE 1 / 4 TIE
All Grades 248313600 R-1.0 1 / 4 TIE 1 / 4 TIE
60 or Better 198650880 R-1.0 1 / 4 TIE 1 / 4 TIE
65 or Better 275904000
All Grades 248313600
60 or Better 198650880
65 or Better R-1.0
All Grades R-1.0
60 or Better R-1.0
65 or Better 1 / 4 TIE
All Grades 1 / 4 TIE
60 or Better 1 / 4 TIE
65 or Better 1 / 4 TIE
All Grades 1 / 4 TIE
60 or Better 1 / 4 TIE