2006-W $25 Burnished St. of Liberty SP70 Certification #13189958, PCGS #21126

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Jaime Hernandez

With a mintage of just under 2,600 coins, the 2006-W Mint State $50 Platinum Eagle is the lowest mintage uncirculated coins from 1916 to 2006. Therefore, making it one of the scarcest Mint State coins of the 21st century.

The first time these special burnished W mint mark coins were produced was in the year 2006. The Mint unveiled a new version of Silver, Gold and Platinum coins with a W mint mark. These coins were struck in specially prepared burnished planchets. The 2006-W coins were sold as a separate version besides the regular Mint State and Proof coins of that year.

From 1997 - 2005 all Mint State Platinum eagles displayed the same eagle in flight reverse design. In 2006, the special W mint mark Mint State Platinum eagles displayed a new series design. The series would consist of three distinct designs from 2006 to 2009 with a theme entitled “The Foundation of Democracy.” The Mint produced the W Uncirculated Platinum eagles in four different denominations of $10, $25 $50 and $100 coins. After the Mint stopped selling the coins and the sales figures were reported, all four coins ended up having very low mintage's.

22.00 millimeters
John M. Mercanti/Thomas D. Rogers
7.78 grams
Metal Content
99.95% Platinum
The United States of America
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