(2007) $1 Missing Edge Lettering George Washington MS67 Certification #12807346, PCGS #149317

Expert Comments

Jaime Hernandez

In 2007 the U.S. Mint accidentally produced tens of thousands of Presidential Dollar coins with out the date and the inscriptions "In God We Trust" on the coin.

The regular Washington Dollars officially made it into circulation on February 15, 2007. Washington Dollars were also the first coins to be released in the Presidential Dollar program.

By the end of February, error coins with missing edge inscriptions were already being reported. In that same month, a couple of these errors began selling on EBay. In fact, I purchased the first coin which sold on EBay for just over $600! In 2009, the same coins can be bought for just under $50.

Once the news made it into the media, tens of thousands of collectors were searching for these new Washington Dollars with the “Missing Edge” lettering inscriptions. As the coins were first being discovered there was confusion on what to call the coins. Some of the nomenclatures being used were, "Godless Dollars," "No Edge Lettering Dollars," "Smooth Edge Dollars," "Dollar with No Inscriptions."

PCGS finally graded some of the coins and called them "Missing Edge Lettering" Dollars. The "Missing Edge Lettering" description, then became the norm and this is how most collectors and individuals in the coin hobby describe them.

I still remember asking Fred Weinberg about the coins as soon as they were discovered. I recall him telling me he believed that many more would surface, as he was very familiar with the production procedures. Fred felt that if a couple made it out, many more would also surface.

Sure enough, Fred Weinberg was correct as tens of thousands of coins were later found.

The Presidential Dollar series is by far the most popular series following the Washington State Quarter Program. As it has brought millions of collectors to the hobby.

The “Missing Edge Lettering” Washington Dollars are fascinating coins themselves. As they brought a lot of excitement to the hobby and it also lured in lots of new coin collectors who were hoping to find one of these very neat coins.
26.50 millimeters
Joseph Menna/Don Everhart
8.10 grams
Metal Content
88.5% Copper, 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese and 2% Nickel
The United States of America
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