2007-W $100 Statue of Liberty, DCAM PR70DCAM Certification #29695426, PCGS #149579

Owner's Comments

2007-W $100 Proof. Executive Branch, Cleveland, mintage $100 PR 8,363. John M. Mercanti (obverse), Thomas Cleveland (reverse). West Point Mint, .9995 platinum, $100 - 1.0005 oz (31.120 grams; 1 oz actual platinum weight), 32.7 mm diameter. Average spot price of Platinum in 2007 was $1,303.05. The bold obverse design is a full close-up of the Statue of Liberty's face, entitled "Liberty Looking to the Future." The reverse is the "Executive Branch" of Democracy. This year's design is a bald eagle with wings widespread, symbolizing freedom, and a ribbon-draped shield "at the ready to enforce the laws that guarantee those freedoms." Years 2006 through 2008 launched the 'Foundations of Democracy' designs. Only for the 1/2 ounce in 2007 was a reverse proof issued for the platinum eagle's 10th anniversary. The fractional ounce coins stopped production as of 2008. Quotes per Edmund C. Moy's American Gold and Platinum Eagles book (c) 2014.

Expert Comments

Ron Guth

Normal examples of the 2007-W platinum coins show the word FREEDOM (on the reverse) as polished, brilliant letters in contrast with the frosted, unpolished ribbon.  In February 2011, a collector, Jason Fishman, reported finding an example of the $100 denomination with frosted, unpolished letters.  The Mint confirmed the existence of this variety, claiming it was a pre-production piece "...inadvertently placed in the production stream during preparation for an internal audit."  According to the Mint, the following numbers of frosted FREEDOM coins were released:

$100 - 12
$50 - 21
$25 - 21
$10 - None

As of March 7, 2011, only a single example of the Frosted FREEDOM $100 Platinum Eagle has been discovered.

Sources and/or recommended reading:
Martin, Eric. "Mint Wrongly Releases Pre-Production Coins", Coin World 52, no. 2655 (February 28, 2011), 1 and 38.

32.70 millimeters
John M. Mercanti/Tom Cleveland
31.12 grams
Metal Content
99.95% Platinum
The United States of America
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