2008-W $10 Jackson's Liberty First Strike MS70 Certification #12460075, PCGS #395701

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Jaime Hernandez

The $10 Uncirculated Andrew Jackson Spouse coin was offered to the public beginning on August 28, 2008 at 12 noon eastern time. The Andrew Jackson Spouse coin was also the seventh coin released by the U.S. Mint in conjunction with the Presidential Dollar Program.

Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States of America and was a widower during his term in office. As a result, the obverse of the coin bears a depiction of Miss Liberty in a Capped Bust format, (the same design used on Bust half dollars from 1807-1836). The law mandates that Spouse coins of Presidents who were serving a United States Presidential term as widowers, should depict a representation of Liberty on the obverse.

The Uncirculated Andrew Jackson Spouse coins were offered to the public at a price of $619.95 each. Each coin is composed of a half ounce of pure 24kt gold and has a face value of ten dollars, which is depicted on the obverse of the coin. The maximum authorized production limit is set at 40,000 coins for both the mint state and proof versions combined. The U.S. Mint implemented a 10-coin maximum ordering limit on the first week of sales to prevent a sell out. Additionally, the U.S. Mint also offered a Andrew Jackson Spouse Proof coin and a medal, both sold separately.

First Strike: Coins submitted to PCGS and postmarked 30 days from the release date qualify to receive a First Strike designation.

26.50 millimeters
John Reich/Justin Kunz
15.55 grams
Metal Content
99.99% Gold
The United States of America
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