2008-W $50 Burnished Am. Buffalo First Strike .9999 Fine Gold SP70 Certification #13595333, PCGS #400038

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Jaime Hernandez

In 2008 the U.S. Mint offered a new 2008-W Burnished Uncirculated Gold Buffalo collectors version, which was never offered before in the U.S. Mint's history.

Additionally, it was also producing regular 2008 $50 Uncirculated Gold Buffaloes without the W mint mark. It also produced the 2008 $50 Proof Gold Buffaloes. On top of that, it also offered Fractional Burnished Uncirculated Gold Buffaloes with a W mint mark for the first time ever.

These Fractional Gold Buffaloes had a $5, $10 and $25 denomination. The same year, the Mint also decided to offer Fractional Proof Buffaloes with a denomination of $5, $10 and $25.

Therefore, in 2008 the U.S. Mint produced the following 24 karat Gold Buffalo coins-

• $50 Uncirculated (no W mint mark) • $50 Uncirculated (with W mint mark)

• $25 Uncirculated (with W mint mark) • $10 Uncirculated (with W mint mark)

• $5 `Uncirculated (with W mint mark) • $50 Proof • $25 Proof • $10 Proof • $5 `Proof*

The 2008-W $50 uncirculated Buffaloes went on sale on July 22, 2009. The coin was being offered by the Mint at $1,059.95 each. It could also be purcahsed as a four-piece set which contained a $5, $10, $25 and the $50 Gold Buffalo with W mint marks. The four-piece coin set was being offered by the U.S. Mint for $1,959.95 each. 

32.70 millimeters
James Earle Fraser
31.11 grams
Metal Content
99.99% Gold
The United States of America
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