2018-W $100 Platinum Eagle - Life First Strike, DCAM PR70DCAM Certification #35288726, PCGS #668342

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2018-W $100 PCGS PR70DCAM Platinum Eagle - Life; The Preamble to the Declaration of Independence Platinum Proof Coin Series (2018-2020) will feature a newly designed one ounce platinum proof coin composed of 99.95 percent platinum each year. Since its inception in 1997, each American Eagle Platinum Proof Coin has shared a common obverse that features a portrait of Liberty. As the Platinum Proof program enters its third decade, the United States Mint is introducing a new platinum proof coin series featuring all new obverse (heads) designs created concurrently by one designer as well as a new common reverse (tails) design. Click here for more information on this exciting new coin series. The obverse design of the 2018 Preamble to the Declaration of Independence Platinum Proof Coin features “Life” personified by Lady Liberty teaching a small child to sow seeds in a field. The sword she carries symbolizes the power to defend life. The furrowed earth represents the forethought and labor required to sustain life. The tree and stream represent nature, suggesting the need to be good stewards of an environment that sustains life. The obverse designs for the three-year series were created by Artistic Infusion Program Designer Justin Kunz. The common reverse design for this series depicts an eagle in flight with an olive branch in its talons. It was created by Artistic Infusion Program Designer Patricia Lucas-Morris. This is the 2018 “Life” platinum coin. The 2019 is “Liberty” and 2020 is “Happiness”.
32.70 millimeters
0.00 grams
Metal Content
99.95% Platinum
The United States of America
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