1952 6D, CAM PR68CAM Certification #18189083, PCGS #501737

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*1937* King George VI was crowned in 1937 and his likeness replaced King George V on all coinage of the British Empire. He faces left and although it is custom that each new monarch faces the opposite way of the previous monarch, the abdication of Edward VIII, after a short reign, resulted in King George VI facing the same way as King George V. There were no coins struck for King Edward VIII in South Africa (some patterns exist). The obverse design: head of King George VI. Inscription: GEORGIVS VI REX IMPERATOR. Designed by Henry Paget (HP). The reverse design: A Protea (National Flower) in full bloom forms the center of the design. A hexagon surrounds it. The sides of the hexagon consist of six bundles of four sticks each. The six bundles denote the coin’s value (6 Pence) and the sticks represent the four provinces of the Union of South Africa (Transvaal, Cape, Orange Free State, and Natal). Inscription “SOUTH AFRICA” to the left, the date at top center, “SUID-AFRIKA” to the right and “6D.”, flanked by two little flowers to the left and right, at the bottom center. Reverse design artist: Kruger Gray (“KG” to the right of the flower’s stem). *1948* A design change was made to the obverse of the coin. The inscription was changed to GEORGIVS SEXTUS REX. With the independence of India in 1948, Great Britain was no longer regarded an empire and thus the removal of the word "IMPERATOR". *1951* A design change was made to the reverse of the coin. The Afrikaans "SUID-AFRIKA" moved to the left of the coin and "SOUTH AFRICA" to the right. The fonts were changed for all text.
19.41 millimeters
2.83 grams
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South Africa
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