1722 Penny Rosa Amer, GEORGIVS MS63 Certification #-24191, PCGS #107

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Estimated grade. Ex. Ellsworth Sold by Bowers & Ruddy Oct '80 Price realized $5500

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P. Scott Rubin

The 1722 Rosa Americana Penny with the King’s name spelled GEORGIVS is a very rare issue made in a least three different metals: Brass, Bath Metal, and Copper. The distinguishing feature of this issue is that all of the U’s are replaced with V’s in the legends on both the obverse and reverse.

This variety should not be confused with the 1722 Rosa Americana Penny which uses V’s on the reverse instead of U’s but uses the U when identifying King George as GEORGIUS.

The size of this One Pence is closer to the size of a British Half Pence and was probably used as such in North America. It should be remembered that although the Rosa Americana coinage was a private issue of William Woods, it was given Royal authority in all the British North American Colonies by King George I of England. The Rosa Americana coinage is the first issue in Colonial America with a design reflecting America by name. As such, at least one type of Rosa Americana Coinage should be included in all colonial coin collections.
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Bath Metal
The United States of America
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1 AU55 PCGS grade

Stack's 1/1992:38 - John J. Ford, Jr. Collection - Stack's 5/2005:101, $10,350 - Heritage 8/2007:1513, $32,200 - Liberty Collection - Heritage 5/2008:1838, $21,275

2 VF35 PCGS grade

John L. Roper Collection - Stack's 11/1983:80 - John J. Ford, Jr. Collection - Stack's 5/2005:100, $8,625