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1915-S/S 5C MS66 PCGS #38435

Purchased PCGS/CAC, unattributed. RPM 1915-s/s FS-501. GC

1917-D 5C MS65 PCGS #3935

Traded for, PCGS. Thanks KCV

1924 5C MS65 PCGS #3951

Purchased unattributed PCGS. Appears to be No F, die 1. HA

1929 5C MS66+ PCGS #38458

Purchased unattributed PCGS/CAC MS66+. Now 1929 DDO, FS-101, pop 2 with 0 higher. EB

1935 5C Doubled Die Reverse AU58 PCGS #38465

Purchased attributed secure PCGS. KCV

1936-D 5C 3-1/2 Legs AU58+ PCGS #93978

Purchased raw, unattributed. 3HL, FS-901. EB

1938-D 5C Buffalo MS67+ PCGS #569459

Purchased PCGS unattributed. D/S overmintmark FS-515. GC

1913-D 5C Type 2 MS63 PCGS #3922

OGH (Old Green Holder)

1913-S 5C Type 2 MS65 PCGS #3923

Raw, recut profile

1914-D 5C MS65 PCGS #3925

Well struck with nice luster

1914-S 5C MS62 PCGS #3926

OGH, recut profile and date. CAC

1916-S 5C MS63 PCGS #3933

Purchased unattribtued raw. Appears to be No F. Slightly weak strike

1923 5C MS63 PCGS #3949


1923-S 5C MS64 PCGS #3950

Well-struck, nice luster underlying mellow patina

1924-S 5C MS62 PCGS #3953

OGH. Great luster, good obv strike, weak reverse. TT

1925-S 5C MS62 PCGS #3956

Nice. CAC.

1926-D 5C MS62 PCGS #3958

Raw, very weak reverse. Squashed "D".

1928-S 5C MS64 PCGS #3965

OGH,near proof-like fields

1929-D 5C MS63 PCGS #3967

Raw, semi prooflike fields, some gold toning

1934-D 5C MS64 PCGS #3973

Purchased raw,unattributed. D/D, RPM-001. Proof-like mirrored fields.

1935 5C MS66 PCGS #3974

Raw, superb ranbow toning, from gold rims to purple centers.

1935-D 5C MS65 PCGS #3975

Raw, nice color, slightly weak obv strike