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1944-S 5C MS67FS PCGS #84024

Stunning blast white with amazing cartwheel luster.

1942-P 5C Type 2 MS67FS PCGS #84016

Blast white ... lovely coin

1942-S 5C MS67FS PCGS #84017

Proof like surfaces with heavy die polishing. Heritage auction.

1943-P 5C MS67FS PCGS #84018

Mostly white, some perimeter toning. Lovely luster.

1943-D 5C MS67FS PCGS #84020

Overall light golden toning.

1943-S 5C MS67FS PCGS #84021

Stunning cartwheel luster on a mostly white coin.

1944-P 5C MS66FS PCGS #84022

Mostly white, outstanding luster.

1944-D 5C MS67FS PCGS #84023

Light golden toning with cartwheel luster.

1945-P 5C MS66FS PCGS #84025

Blast white, full cartwheel luster lovely!

1945-D 5C MS67FS PCGS #84026

Overall golden toning.

1945-S 5C MS66FS PCGS #84027

Stunning gem ... amazing eye appeal on a blast white coin with full cartwheel luster.