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1884 5C MS64 PCGS #3845

A nicely struck and lustrous coin for the grade.

1886 5C MS64 PCGS #3847

A good strike on the stars and a nice subdued luster show on this key date.

1892 5C MS64 PCGS #3853

A nicely struck and fairly lustrous coin.

1894 5C MS64 PCGS #3855

Typically weakly struck, this specimen has a decent strike. The upper stars are a little weak and the left earn of corn isn't full, but neither is it flat, as a few kernels are showing.

1908 5C MS64 PCGS #3869

This untoned coin is exceptionally well struck, with only a few detracting marks on the face.

1910 5C MS64 PCGS #3871

This well-struck coin has some nice blue toning on the front and blueish-purple toning on the reverse.

1912-D 5C MS64 PCGS #3874

Nice coin with full stars on the obverse and well detailed ears of corn on the reverse.

1912-S 5C MS64 PCGS #3875

This 1912-s comes well struck for the issue. The hair is weak as usual, but the stars and corn ears have good definition. This coin also has some attractive toning around the V on the reverse.