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About This Set: Liberty Nickels were struck for the 30 year period from 1883 to 1912. However, due to the lack of branch mint nickel coinage until 1912, the regularly collected set consists of only 33 coins. The key dates are 1885, 1886 and the 1912 San Francisco minted issue. The 1912-S is one of the lowest mintage coins of the entire 20th century, with only 238,000 minted (all of which were struck the last week of 1912).

Despite being the only pre 1964 series with no varieties listed in the Guide Book of United States Coins (the Red Book), the series is loaded with interesting varieties. These include Doubled Dies, Mis-placed Dates, Repunched dates and even a Repunched Mint Mark variety.

The Cherry Pickers guide is slowly including more examples with each subsequent edition. While only one variety was listed in the Third Edition, this increased to 10 in the Fourth Edition, 13 in the Fifth Edition and now stands at 14 in the Sixth and latest edition. Of these 14, two are easy to distinguish Doubled Dies and many others are notable repunched dates.

Bill Van Note and Kevin Flynn have also published a book in their "Treasure Hunting" series for this coin, which shows over 100 different varieties. Given the smaller collector base, this series is still ripe for the well educated collector to cherry pick a variety or two.

While the reverse die change of 1883 is well known, with numerous stories surrounding the first "No Cents" type, very little is mentioned of the reverse die change in 1901. Cleary evident when looking at the A&M of America or the leaf just above the left arm of the V, both types can be found on 1901 and 1902 dated coins.

This set will contain all Regular issues as well as the 14 varieties listed in the Cherry Pickers guide. This complete set will also include examples of both reverse types for the years 1901 and 1902. While PCGS does not denote these two reverse types, I do hope they will at some point in the future.

Although currently 100% complete, my goal for the set is to have all coins in MS64 or higher. This leaves me with the following 3 groups I would like to upgrade

The 1890 FS-301 and 1900 FS-801 from AU to MS (prefer MS64, but any MS grade will be an upgrade and then they would fall in one of the below groups)
The 1884 FS-301 and 1886 FS-301 from MS62 to MS64 or higher. (currently MS62 is the highest grade certified for both coins)
The 1898 FS-301, 1898 FS-302 and 1906 FS-801 from MS63 to MS64 or higher.

Go to The Liberty Nickel Collector Society to learn more about this historical and fun to collect series.

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