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J. Preidis RN - 20th

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About This Set: 10 April 2005: In it's infancy, this set will grow as I find specimens I like. Having tasted the glory in owning a finest set, and the mere weight of a gold coin, it's easy to see why these are so popular. George V sovereigns isn't a large set, so I hope to complete it within the next year or two. (PCGS started this set with only the London Mint dates. Now they've expanded to include all dates with George V regardless of mint.) To keep the quality issue, it'll take a bit longer than my original estimate to complete, but we'll see what happens. To all who may read this, I have been a collector for nearly 30 years off and on, but never lost the love for this hobby. Only since joining PCGS, have I become a serious collector/investor. You'll find I am not a fan of proof coins, but after acquiring a PR70DC half-sovereign, I had to add a set. My British prize is still a 1847 Victoria Gothic Crown in PR62 (naturally, by PCGS). For the young numismatist, it's not where you begin, but how. Start where you are, and with what you have. Upgrade as you can, have fun, and learn about this fantastic hobby!

J. Preidis RN

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1911 207151 1911 Sov MS64 51 6 47839
London - aethelred.ii - Apr 2005 - Former top pop
1912 Sov
1913 Sov
1914 Sov
1915 207155 1915 Sov MS62 14 127 48490
Ed Chauncy Rare Coins - Feb 2008
1916 Sov
1917 Sov
1918 Sov
1919 Sov
1920 113528 1920-P Sov
1921 Sov
1922 Sov
1923 Sov
1924 Sov
1925 207158 1925 Sov MS66 230 21 23421
London - aethelred.ii - Oct 2005 - Simply stunning the way George appears to jump out at you as if in High Relief.
1926 Sov
1927 Sov
1928 Sov
1929 Sov
1930 563094 1930-SA Sov AU55 1 194 2327
South Africa - Self Submitted - Jun 2006
1931 Sov
1932 563096 1932-SA Sov