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The Madden Collection - 222nd

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About This Set: The Joy, The Passion and The Hunt, Comes a Collection. That collection holds most of all, The wonderful people along the way that makes coin collecting, a place to be. If you have a coin that would help this set, please contact me. Regards.... My new e-mail is, kozmo2@cox.net

The Madden Collection

Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1979-S TYPE 1 99589 1979-S SBA$1 PR70DC 1264 0 12640
Excellent for the Type
1979-S TYPE 2 99590 1979-S SBA$1 PR70DC 449 0 4490
Wonderful Example of this type.
1980-S 99592 1980-S SBA$1 PR70DC 1187 0 11870
True Quality
1981-S TYPE 1 99594 1981-S SBA$1 PR70DC 1182 0 11820
Deep Wonderful Coin
1981-S TYPE 2 1981-S SBA$1
1999-P 99596 1999-P SBA$1 PR70DC 853 0 8530
A Perfect Coin