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Deseret Pines Collection - 21st

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About This Set: The Deseret Pines Collection is the result of a lifetime interest in United States coins. A key objective of the collection is to assemble an attractive basic design set of early American coins and tokens. Selections for this design set will be made considering factors other than just PCGS grade, such as provenance, historic or artistic significance, overall eye appeal and value.

Deseret Pines Collection

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
Massachusetts Silver Oak Tree
Massachusetts Silver Pine Tree 24 1652 Shilling VF30 64 197 101515
Noe 29 - 69.29 grains; mid-gray toning - legends and devices are a contrasting light gray; well centered - all letters visible, though "MASA" and "V" are more lightly struck along with corresponding areas on the reverse; no detracting marks, stains or planchet problems; it is fascinating to imagine who carried this coin and what it was used to purchase during its circulating life, and to consider the collectors that have owned it over the years
Maryland Coinage Maryland
New Jersey St. Patrick Coinage St Patrick
American Plantation Token Am Plant 1/24RL
Rosa Americana Coinage
Woods Hibernia Coinage 180 1723 1/2 P XF40BN 43 383 88944
Well struck - good eye appeal
Virginia Coinage
Elephant Token Halfpenny 1/2 P
Higley Copper Higley
Voce Populi Coinage
Pitt Token 1766
Rhode Island Ship Medal RI Ship Token
Chalmers Coinage 1783
French Colonies Billon Coinage
French Colonies Sou 1767 1767-A Sou
Continental Dollar 1776 $1
Nova Constellatio Copper C Nova
Immunis Columbia ImmCol
Massachusetts Copper
Connecticut Copper Bust Left 370 1787 Connct VF25BN 84 313 151650
Bust figure well detailed for grade - reverse is more worn but still clear
New York Excelsior 1787 N York
Machins Mills Copper 1/2 P
Nova Eborac Copper 1787 Copper
New Jersey Copper Head Right NJersy
Vermont Copper Plow 545 1786 Vermont F15BN 26 183 37242
Landscape view quite clear for grade (most specimens are poor)- reverse is a weak strike and appears very worn - will upgrade when the opportunity arises
Vermont Copper Bust Right
North American Token 589 1781 Token
Bar Copper 599 Bar Cent
Auctori Plebis Token 601 1787 Token
Mott Token 1789 Token
Kentucky Copper Kentucky Cent
Franklin Press Token 1794 Token
Myddelton Token 1796 Token
Castorland Medal Medal
Talbot Allum & Lee Cent Cent
Washington Triumpho Token 664 1783 Copper
Washington Military Bust
Washington Draped Bust 676 1783 Copper AU58BN 8 10 30255
Light brown - very attractive piece
Washington 1791-95 'Washington President' Obverse
Washington Liberty & Security
Washington Success Medal Wash-Success Medal
Fugio Cent 1787 Fugio