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The Kennedy Conspiracy "Proof" Set - 301st

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The Kennedy Conspiracy "Proof" Set

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1964 1964 50C
1965 SMS 1965 50C
1966 SMS 1966 50C
1967 SMS 1967 50C
1968-S 1968-S 50C
1969-S 1969-S 50C
1970-S 1970-S 50C
1971-S 1971-S 50C
1972-S 1972-S 50C
1973-S 1973-S 50C
1974-S 1974-S 50C
1976-S CLAD 1976-S 50C
1976-S SILVER 1976-S 50C
1977-S 1977-S 50C
1978-S 1978-S 50C
1979-S 1979-S 50C
1980-S 1980-S 50C
1981-S 1981-S 50C
1982-S 1982-S 50C
1983-S 1983-S 50C
1984-S 1984-S 50C
1985-S 1985-S 50C
1986-S 96827 1986-S 50C PR69DC 6746 453 6746453
Purchased from tnfc.
1987-S 96828 1987-S 50C PR69DC 6569 650 6569650
Purchased from tnfc.
1988-S 1988-S 50C
1989-S 96830 1989-S 50C PR70DC 497 0 4970
Purchased from lccoins.
1990-S 96831 1990-S 50C PR70DC 617 0 6170
Purchased from chubberchub.
1991-S 1991-S 50C
1992-S 1992-S 50C
1992-S SILVER 96834 1992-S 50C PR70DC 832 0 8320
Purchased from papatcoins.
1993-S 96835 1993-S 50C PR70DC 847 0 8470
Purchased from chubberchub.
1993-S SILVER 96836 1993-S 50C PR70DC 585 0 5850
Purchased from papatcoins.
1994-S 1994-S 50C
1994-S SILVER 96838 1994-S 50C PR70DC 647 0 6470
Purchased from lccoins.
1995-S 1995-S 50C
1995-S SILVER 96840 1995-S 50C PR70DC 670 0 6700
Purchased from lccoins.
1996-S 1996-S 50C
1996-S SILVER 1996-S 50C
1997-S 1997-S 50C
1997-S SILVER 96848 1997-S 50C PR70DC 642 0 6420
Purchased from papatcoins.
1998-S 96849 1998-S 50C PR70DC 761 0 7610
Purchased from lccoins.
1998-S SILVER 96909 1998-S 50C PR70DC 838 0 8380
Purchased from lccoins.
1999-S 96910 1999-S 50C PR70DC 441 0 4410
Purchased from boraoul.
1999-S SILVER 96911 1999-S 50C PR70DC 497 0 4970
Purchased from gradycoins.
2000-S SILVER 96913 2000-S 50C PR70DC 604 0 6040
Purchased from papatcoins.
2001-S 96914 2001-S 50C PR70DC 385 0 3850
Purchased from lccoins.
2001-S SILVER 2001-S 50C
2002-S 2002-S 50C
2002-S SILVER 2002-S 50C
2003-S 2003-S 50C
2003-S SILVER 2003-S 50C
2004-S 2004-S 50C
2004-S SILVER 96921 2004-S 50C PR70DC 525 0 5250
Purchased from finestknown.com.
2005-S 96974 2005-S 50C PR70DC 273 0 2730
Purchased from boraoul.
2005-S SILVER 2005-S 50C
2006-S 2006-S 50C
2006-S SILVER 2006-S 50C
2007-S 2007-S 50C
2007-S SILVER 2007-S 50C
2008-S 2008-S 50C
2008-S SILVER 2008-S 50C
2009-S 2009-S 50C
2009-S SILVER 2009-S 50C
2010-S 2010-S 50C
2010-S SILVER 2010-S 50C
2011-S 2011-S 50C
2011-S SILVER 2011-S 50C
2012-S 2012-S 50C
2012-S SILVER 2012-S 50C
2013-S 2013-S 50C
2013-S SILVER 2013-S 50C
2014-P SILVER 2014-P 50C
2014-S CLAD 2014-S 50C
2014-S SILVER 2014-S 50C
2014-W SILVER 2014-W 50C
2014-W GOLD 2014-W 50C
2015-S 2015-S 50C
2015-S SILVER 2015-S 50C
2016-S 2016-S 50C
2016-S SILVER 2016-S 50C