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1951 25C MS67+ PCGS #5846

CAC - beautifully struck. A sharp and ultra nice coin.

1953-S 25C MS67+ PCGS #5854

Ex - JWB1040

1932 25C MS66 PCGS #5790

Golden toning..solid strike. A gem

1932-D 25C MS64 PCGS #5791

THE NICEST MS-64 I've ever seen.... It's a 65 maybe a 65+ in the OGH. Better than most 65s I've seen. Beautiful satiny gold toning. Nary a tick and a pretty solid strike.

1935-D 25C MS66 PCGS #5798

Blast white and VERY clean / Walser Pedigree. Slightly weak strike prevents this from being a 67

1935-S 25C MS66 PCGS #5799

Beautifully toned GEM example. Mark free.

1936-D 25C MS66 PCGS #5801

CAC - GEM Key Date - Beautiful Lustrous White coin

1936-S 25C MS66 PCGS #5802

CAC - Beautiful toned GEM. One significant tick on the cheek prevents this virtually mark free coin from being a solid 67

1937-D 25C MS67 PCGS #5804

CAC - Ex Omaha Bank

1938 25C MS66 PCGS #5806

A bit hazy, but a 66 nonetheless

1939 25C MS67 PCGS #5808

Slight golden toning. Lustrous and pretty clean

1939-S 25C MS66 PCGS #5810

Wonderful white example of this tough date

1940 25C MS67 PCGS #5811

Brilliant Blast white example

1940-D 25C MS66 PCGS #5812

A bit hazy and slight tone. But a super strike for this original example of another underrated date

1942-D 25C MS66 PCGS #5818

Very clean / Blast white example. Could be up for regrade

1944-D 25C MS67 PCGS #5825

Very clean Blast White example.

1944-S 25C MS67+ PCGS #5826

Ex - JWB1040

1948 25C MS67 PCGS #5836

Very nice cartwheel luster. Great strike

1948-S 25C MS66 PCGS #5838

Blast white, clean fields, but a couple of miniscule ticks prevent this from being a 67

1949-D 25C MS66 PCGS #5840

Blast White (unusual for this coin) strong strike, mark free

1953-D 25C MS67 PCGS #5853

Ex - JWB1040