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Image PCGS # Date Denom Variety Grade Pop Pop Higher Comments
1967 1C  MS67RD 2902 1967 1C MS67RD 18 0 Roll from Bill Johnson
1971-S 1C  MS67RD 2947 1971-S 1C MS67RD 28 5 Ex Close to Perfect. I highly doubt any ms68s of this date exist. It is very likely a misdesignated proof.
1972-D 1C  MS67RD 2956 1972-D 1C MS67RD 22 4 roll from Fred''s Coins. Just 1 absolutely gorgeous roll yielded 2 ms67''s!
1973-D 1C  MS67RD 2962 1973-D 1C MS67RD 14 1 Ex Close to Perfect. I believe this was originally found by Gary Shafstall. This is the best of 3 I've owned, with one of the others being the best of two from the Northland collection.
1984-D 1C  MS68RD 3068 1984-D 1C MS68RD 23 0 Roll from Glenn Antrim. Nicest of 5 ms68rds I got graded. Much nicer than photo indicates.
1983-P 5C  MS66FS 84110 1983-P 5C MS66FS 12 0 Bought from a pcgs forum member. The highlight of my nickel set!
1983-D 5C  MS66FS 84111 1983-D 5C MS66FS 14 0
1998-D 5C  MS66FS 84143 1998-D 5C MS66FS 12 0 Datentype. Best of 2 I've owned.
1970 10C  MS67 5137 1970 10C MS67 5 0 Nick Cascio
1997-D 10C  MS68FB 85194 1997-D 10C MS68FB 2 0
1983-D 25C  MS67 5915 1983-D 25C MS67 16 0 Kitty''s Coins
1989-P 25C  MS67 5926 1989-P 25C MS67 12 0 Datentype. He is responsible for the entire ms67 pop, but saved his nicest for a pop 1/0 ngc ms68 holder. I bought it and crossed it over to pcgs ms67.
1992-P 25C  MS67 5932 1992-P 25C MS67 8 1 Barry Gardner. Coin originally submitted by Datentype!
1994-P 25C  MS67 5936 1994-P 25C MS67 9 1 Datentype
1974 50C  MS67 6722 1974 50C MS67 14 2 Ex Lindemann Collection
1976 50C Clad MS67 6726 1976 50C Clad MS67 18 1 Dennis Doeppenschmidt
1983-P 50C  MS67 6743 1983-P 50C MS67 21 2 Ex Lindemann Collection
1990-D 50C  MS67 6758 1990-D 50C MS67 14 0
1971-D $1  MS67 7407 1971-D $1 MS67 33 0 Ex James Sego Hall of Fame collection.
1972 $1 Type 3 MS66 7409 1972 $1 Type 3 MS66 32 0 James Sego
1976 $1 Type 1 MS66 7418 1976 $1 Type 1 MS66 33 1 Ex James Sego Hall of Fame Collection. James was the one to originally find this coin in a mint set. It was my favorite coin in his set, and now it is the favorite coin in my set. The pop is off by possibly 5 or more coins that are mislabeled type 2s, and most of the ms66s of this date are low end. This is not only not low end, it is knocking on the door of ms67!
1976-D $1 Type 1 MS67 7420 1976-D $1 Type 1 MS67 6 0 James Sego/Bob Johnson
1979-P SBA$1 Wide Rim MS67 99571 1979-P SBA$1 Wide Rim MS67 16 0 Rob Ezerman. Best of the 4 he has owned!
1981-S SBA$1  MS67 9580 1981-S SBA$1 MS67 3 0 Ex DRG Collection. Purchased from James Sego Rare Coins. The 1981 Susan B Anthony Dollars were included in mint sets only. The S's had to be shipped to Denver to be included in the Denver packet. A bumpy road along the way possibly contributed to these coins getting much more banged up than the P and D counterparts. It's estimated that it takes 1500-2000 mint sets to find an ms66, probably 100 times that to find an ms67. And the coins out of the 3 coin SBA mint sets are usually even worse. This coin is a freak for the date with booming luster and well hidden flaws. It was originally found by clad coin expert Rob Anglemier, then owned by DRG and then Murphy.