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Corrections Officer's Salary

Image PCGS # Date Denom Variety Grade Pop Pop Higher Comments
1919 25C  MS65FH 5729 1919 25C MS65FH 110 117 CAC Approved. A glittering and lustrous gem which boasts a complete and hammered strike. So complete is the striking that, in this collector's opinion, she puts all others to shame. Light golden toning outlines the rims while darker golden toning streaks across Liberty's lower torso. No marks or blemishes can be found on this PQ example. Obverse: All the detail that artist Hermon Macneil wanted is present. The head is complete and considered a supreme full head example by J.H. Cline. The shield shows all rivets fully struck which is a rare find on most full head examples. Liberty's knee is complete and wear free. However, there is a miniscule nick just above her knee cap. The surfaces appear to be a liquid lake of luster. Reverse: Almost all of the eagle's feathers can be scene with the breast feathers being not as full. A small contact mark is found on the "R" in "AMERICA". The is also a small nick in the rim under the "R" in "QUARTER". Provenance: Bowers and Merena Auction #13100 (6/5/08) Thomas Dodd (Present)