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1833 10C MS62+ PCGS #4522

CAC / Ex. NGC 2672172-002 JR-1, with the late reverse die showing two cracks from the scroll to the rim. Despite the worn dies, considerable sharpness adds to the appeal as a type coin, and that doesn't even begin to describe the allure of ruby-gold patina swirling with action in the peripheral areas. Splashes of aqua-green add to the presentation, and one might mistake this for an even higher grade were it not for somewhat muted overall luster.

1888 10C PR66+ PCGS #4785

CAC - Coinfacts Platecoin

1893 10C PR67CAM PCGS #84877

CAC / PCGS COINFACTS PLATECOIN / Ex. NGC 1962813-001 January 2016 HA - This delectable coin undoubtedly appears much the same as it did when it dropped from the proof dies 113 years ago, with no toning and pronounced Cameo contrast. The strike is boldly impressed, and perusal with a loupe reveals only die polish lines and a single, dot-like depression in the right obverse field before Liberty's eye, probably a trivial planchet flaw, as struck, since the proof luster continues unabated through the tiny dot. One of the finest. Population: 7 in 67, 0 finer (1/06).(Registry values: N2998) (NGC ID# 23G4, PCGS# 84877)