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1795 1/2C Lettered Edge VF25BN PCGS #35067

It is difficult to find early copper that exhibits certain desirable attributes - a smooth planchet, centered strike, full dentils, even coloration, and no micro-porosity. While there are a few very tiny pricks above the B in LIBERTY and a soft center strike on the reverse that avoid perfection for this grade, they are insignificant to me. I like the dirt in the design recesses too!

1805 1/2C No Stems AU58BN PCGS #1081

CAC, Secure Plus holder. Hard surfaces, consistent pumpkin color.

1832 1/2C MS64+ BN PCGS #1159

CAC, Secure Plus holder. Reconsidered from OGH 63. Lots of luster!

1855 1/2C MS64RB PCGS #1234

CAC, OGH, slanted 5 variety.