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1793 1/2C VG8BN PCGS #35012

CAC Cohen-4, R3

1806 1/2C Large 6, Stems MS62BN PCGS #35200

CAC, C-4, R-1. From the Dr. Tony Prestera collection. Per the 2007 Stacks catalog, "Attractive light brown with golden highlights where mint color was last to fade. Pleasing and smooth, a bit dusky from the light deposits many collectors like to brush away."

1832 1/2C MS62BN PCGS #35273

CAC, R-2. "Accessory E" variety: mispunched "E" in the wreath below the E of STATES. The lower left serif protrudes from the wreath just above the point of the A in HALF.

1793 Wreath 1C Lettered Edge G6BN PCGS #35474

S-11b (lettered edge with 2 leaves), R4

1812 1C Large Date AU55BN PCGS #36508

CAC, S-289, R-1

1820 1C Large Date MS65BN PCGS #36673

CAC, N-13, R-1

1857 1C Flying Eagle MS63 PCGS #410434

CAC, FS-401B, Obverse of 1856 (2-2) (001). From left over 1856 dies - among the first circulation strikes.

1795 H10C G4 PCGS #38594

LM-10, R3

1800 H10C LIBEKTY VF25 PCGS #38603

CAC V-2, LM-3, R4

1829 H10C AU55 PCGS #38632

CAC, LM-15.2, R4

1835 10C AU55 PCGS #38887

CAC, JR-9, R-2

1857 10C MS62 PCGS #538100

CAC, F-109a

1806 25C VG10 PCGS #38928

CAC, Browning-2, R2

1831 25C Large Letters AU58 PCGS #38984

B-5, Large Letters, Repunched Date FS-301, R3

1795 50C 2 Leaves VG10 PCGS #39231

CAC, Overton-115, R5

1806 50C Pointed 6, Stem VF35 PCGS #39315

CAC, Overton-114, R5

1832 50C Small Letters MS62 PCGS #39872

CAC, Overton-113a, R3

1877-S T$1 MS61 PCGS #7046

CAC Large S. Blunt tail to R of DOLLAR: Breen-5811. Upturned serif of R broken off; mintmark leans crazily to left; normal periods. Presently considered to be rare. Description from Q. David Bowers "Silver Dollars & Trade Dollars of the United States - A Complete Encyclopedia"

1793 1/2C VG8BN PCGS #35012

CAC Cohen-4, R3

1793 1/2C VG8BN PCGS #35012

CAC Cohen-4, R3

1859 3CS PR63 PCGS #3708

CAC EX: D.L. Hansen

1859 3CS PR63 PCGS #3708

CAC EX: D.L. Hansen

1904 10C MS64 PCGS #4833


1904 10C MS64 PCGS #4833