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1793 1/2C VF30BN PCGS #1000

Cohen 4.Purchased at the 1994 ANA.

1797 1/2C 1 Above 1 AU50BN PCGS #1042

Cohen 1. 1 above 1. Initially, the 1 of the date was punched too high, then punched again in the correct position. This is one of the coolest naked eye blunders in American Numismatics. CAC sticker. Purchased from Great Collections June 2019 auction of the Edgemont Collection.

1804 1/2C Spiked Chin AU58BN PCGS #1075

Spiked Chin. Cohen 8. Manley Die State 3.0. I wanted to own one of these from the time that I saw it listed in my first Red Book in 1962. From the November 2014 Heritage Beverly Hills sale , lot 3013, where it was partially described as: " A medium brown example of the famous " Spiked Chin " variety, caused when a bolt ( or some other hard object ) was struck into the obverse die. The surfaces of the present coin are unblemished and attractive.".

1828 1/2C 13 Stars AU58+ BN PCGS #1147

Cohen 1. Plenty of faded Mint red is still present. Purchased from Harbor Coin Company in July 2022.

1855 1/2C AU58+ BN PCGS #1233

Cohen 1. Superb surfaces. Purchased from Numismatic Classics in October 2017.

1793 1C Chain, America F15BN PCGS #1341

Sheldon 3.A very clean and problem free coin,superior to most in a F-15 holder. CAC sticker. Purchased at the 1993 FUN show.

1793 1C Wreath, Vine and Bars VF25BN PCGS #1347

Sheldon 9.Vine and Bars Edge. Purchased at the 1993 ANA.

1794 1C Head of 1794 VF35BN PCGS #901374

Sheldon 22. Head of 1794. The Bent Lock / Mounded Reverse variety. Conspicuous loop at the lower left corner of the bust. Die State B with mounds on the upper part of the right wreath due to a sunken die. Very nice surfaces with light golden brown toning. CAC sticker. Purchased from Coin Rarities Online in November 2016.

1802 1C AU53BN PCGS #1470

Sheldon 237. Die crack from rim through N in UNITED to lowest left leaf through ribbons above the knot to right wreath stem. Other minor die cracks. Hard surfaces. A superb large cent. Purchased from Numismatic Financial Corporation at the 2013 FUN show. Earlier from Stack's September 1987 sale.

1808 1C AU55BN PCGS #1543

Sheldon 278. Lustrous surfaces with hints of faded mint red. A superb Classic Head Cent. Purchased from Eagle Eye Rare Coins at the 2017 FUN show.

1835 1C Small 8, Stars AU58BN PCGS #1717

Newconb 6. Small 8 and Stars. Traces of mint red still adheres to the obverse. Line through tops of LIBE. BER-Y shows recutting. Minute die crack through bases of 835 and into the field at right. CAC sticker. Purchased from the 2015 Heritage ANA auction, lot 7092.

1853 1C Newcomb 1 AU58+ BN PCGS #405976

Newcomb 1. Many fine vertical die scratches in field to right of E in ONE. Purchased from the 2021 Stack's Bowers ANA sale, lot 7548.

1857 1C Flying Eagle AU58 PCGS #2016

This is the variety with the broken wing tip. Closed E in ONE. A full sharp strike with great luster and a lot of original color. Purchased on Ebay in May 2013.

1908 1C MS64RD PCGS #2231

Purchased in October 1987.

1943-D 1C MS67 PCGS #2714

Purchased at the 2008 Silver Dollar show from Angel Dee's Coins.

1864 2C Large Motto AU58+ BN PCGS #3576

Large Motto. A very nice coin with a lot of luster and hints of faded mint red.Die crack from rim through right side of 8,in date,to shield.Purchased on Ebay in July 2011.CAC sticker.

1881 3CN AU58 PCGS #3749

Fully struck.CAC sticker.Purchased from Knightly Numismatics in March 2013.

1852 3CS AU58 PCGS #3666

Purchased from J.J. Teaparty in April 2012.

1866 5C Rays AU58+ PCGS #3790

Reverse die crack through the top of STATES OF AME down through the middle of ER and then back up through the top of ICA. S in TRUST, on the obverse, very weak because of grease in the die. Very nice luster. CAC sticker. Purchased from Kaminski Coin Company at the 2014 GNA show.

1883 5C No CENTS MS65 PCGS #3841

This coin has prooflike surfaces and a lot of flash.Purchased from Angel Dee's Coins at the 2009 ANA.

1938-D 5C Buffalo MS66 PCGS #3984

Brilliant.Purchased at the 2008 BRNA show.

1940-D 5C MS66FS PCGS #84008

Purchased at the 2008 Silver Dollar show from Angel Dee's Coins.

1795 H10C VF30 PCGS #4251

Valentine 7. LM-6. Very early die state with only a minute die crack connecting the tops of the 9 and 5 in the date. A very rare and seldom seen variety. Missing in the Eliasberg, Norweb, Garrett and most other major sales. Most of those seen, in recent years, have had problems. This is a nice problem free coin. Slightly better than the Logan-McCloskey plate coin and the Milton A. Holmes ( Valentine Plate ) coin. Certainly in the Condition Census. Cherry-picked at the 1994 FUN show.

1800 H10C Libekty XF40 PCGS #4265

A neat little coin.Valentine 2. LM-3. The LIBEKTY variety.The reverse is rotated about 30 degrees.Purchased from J.J.Teaparty in October of 1994.

1833 H10C AU58 PCGS #4280

Valentine 1. LM-10. Both loops of the second S in STATES filled. Beautiful blue, green and gold album toning. Slightly prooflike. Purchased from Rich Uhrich Rare U.S. Coins at the 2014 FUN show.

1840 H10C No Drapery AU58+ PCGS #4321

The obverse has cobalt-blue and reddish apricot peripheral toning.The reverse has blue-gray,steel-gray and golden-rose toning throughout.Abundant luster especially on the obverse.From the Frank Phillips Collection of the Bowers and Merena 2010 November Baltimore sale.

1805 10C 4 Berries XF40 PCGS #4477

JR 2. 4 Berries. Beautiful blue and sea green toning. Purchased at the 1994 CSNS show.

1814 10C Large Date AU58 PCGS #4488

JR 3.LargeDate.Lots of mint luster with light golden and gray toning.A very nice original coin.Obverse die crack from rim to star 8.Multiple reverse die cracks through the shield.Purchased from J.J Teaparty in May 2012.

1853 10C Arrows AU58+ PCGS #4603

Hubbed date and arrows. Fortin 101. Die crack from rim to the left base through left arrow to the left base of 1 in the date. Die crack from field through star 1 to star 2. Die crack from star 8 through top of cap to star 9. Die crack from rim through right arrow . Die crack from hair to middle of Liberty's left facing ( right ) arm. Purchased from the 2012 Heritage October Dallas sale.

1911 10C MS62 PCGS #4857

Purchased at the 1987 GNA show.

1944-D 10C MS67FB PCGS #5053

Brilliant.Purchased at the 2008 BRNA show.

2017-S 10C Enhanced Unc Set FDI Denver ANA SP70FB PCGS #631121

First day of issue Denver ANA. Enhanced Unc. Purchased on Ebay in June 2018.

1875 20C AU58 PCGS #5296

Fully struck. Blue, green and golden peripheral toning. A premium coin. Purchased from J.J. Teaparty in May 2015.

1806/5 25C AU55 PCGS #5315

1806/5. Browning 1. This obverse die was used in 1805 as Browning 4. It was softened at year's end by annealing, and overdated to 1806/5. The reverse die was previously used in 1805 as Browning 4 and was later used in 1807 as Browning 1. Broken right foot of " I " and left foot of " T " in Liberty. Broken left foot of 1 in date. Broken right foot of " I " in America on reverse. Die state II with clash marks at branch, berry and top leaves. A very nice strike with the eagle's breast feathers showing. A superb Draped Bust Quarter. CAC sticker. Purchased from Harry Laibstain Rare Coins at the 2013 ANA.

1831 25C Small Letters AU58 PCGS #5348

Browning 2. Small Letters. Light blue peripheral toning. Fully prooflike. Very fine reverse die cracks through tops of " UNITED STATES " and top of " CA " in America through the three arrow heads. A superb coin. Purchased from J.J.Teaparty in July 2012.

1853 25C Arrows and Rays AU58 PCGS #5426

Fully struck.CAC sticker.Purchased from J.J.Teaparty in March 2012.

1908-D 25C MS63 PCGS #5650

Purchased at the 1987 FUN show.

1917 25C Type 1 MS63FH PCGS #5707

Purchased at the 1987 FUN show.

1976-S 25C Silver MS68 PCGS #5898

Silver. Purchased on Ebay in January 2014.

1795 50C VF35 PCGS #6052

Overton 113-a. Tompkins 14. The A over E variety. Two leaves. Obverse die state 5. Reverse die state 2. Large lump between the 5 in the date and star 15. Die crack through top of LIBERTY. Luster survives in protected areas, notably the reverse legend. Natural gray toning. Purchased from Sheridan Downey's 42nd mail bid sale at the 2016 FUN show. Lot 2.

1806 50C Pointed 6, Stem AU55 PCGS #6071

Overton 118. Tompkins 24. Pointed 6 with stem. Obverse die state 2. Reverse die state 5. Great reflective surfaces with golden and blue-green toning. Reverse die crack from rim through " O " in OF through cloud and stars to eagle head. Reverse die crack from rim through arrows to shield and another from rim to arrows. Reverse die crack from rim above " N " in UNITED through TED through top two wing feathers through STAT to rim above " E ". Purchased from Pinnacle Rarities at the 2015 ANA show.

1826 50C Overton 101a AU58+ PCGS #39667

Overton 101-a. Die Crack through bottom of date into left field. Beautiful toning and great luster. CAC sticker. Ex-Dr. Charles Link. Purchased from John Dannreuther Rare Coins at the 2021 Summer FUN show.

1854 50C Arrows AU58+ PCGS #6279

Die crack from rim through tip of rock through arrow to bottom of 18 in date. Die crack from star two to star five. Reflective fields. Beautiful aqua and gold toning. Purchased from Oxbridge Coins at the 2018 ANA.

1905-O 50C MS63 PCGS #6502

Purchased at the 1988 FUN show.

1947-D 50C MS66 PCGS #6631

Light golden toning on the left side.Purchased at the 2009 FUN show.

1957-D 50C MS66FBL PCGS #86673

Gold,green and red Mint Set toning.Purchased at the 2009 FUN show.

2005-P 50C Satin Finish SP68 PCGS #96788

Satin Finish. Purchased on Ebay in February 2016.

1795 $1 Flowing Hair, 3 Leaves VF30 PCGS #6852

Bolender 5. BB-27.Three Leaves. Die state II. Very nice original surfaces. CAC sticker. Purchased from David Lawrence Rare Coins at the 2018 ANA.

1796 $1 Small Date, Small Letters XF40 PCGS #6859

Bolender 2. BB-63. Die State I. Small Date, Small Letters. Superb surfaces. This is the scarcest of the four collectable varieties of the year. Purchased at the 1992 FUN show.

1868 $1 AU58+ PCGS #6961

Proof-like surfaces. A very flashy coin. Purchased from the July 30,2023 Great Collections auction lot 1409084.

1878-S T$1 Trade AU58 PCGS #7048

Light golden toning with a few touches of blue-green toning at the obverse rims.Prooflike,especially on the reverse.This is the variety with the medium filled mintmark.Purchased from Hallmark Rare Coins at the 2012 GNA show.

1881-S $1 MS66 PCGS #7130

Beautiful blue,green,violet and gold toning.Great reflectivity in the fields.Purchased at the 2009 FUN show.

1923 $1 MS65 PCGS #7360

Blast white.Very clean fields.Purchased from Music City Coins at the 2010 Nashville Whitman show.

1973-S $1 Silver MS67 PCGS #7414

Silver. Blast white.Purchased from David Lawrence Rare Coins in August 2009.

1999-D SBA$1 MS66 PCGS #9582

Purchased on Ebay in November 2009.

2008-P $1 Andrew Jackson - Pos A Satin Finish SP68 PCGS #394862

Andrew Jackson. Position A Satin Finish. Purchased on Ebay in August 2009.

2005-P SAC$1 Satin Finish SP68 PCGS #915020

Satin Finish. Purchased on Ebay in August 2009.

2018-D $1 American Innovation Series Position A - Washington-Signed 1st Patent FS MS66 PCGS #691667

First Strike , Position A. Purchased from L&C Coins in May 2020.