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1909 VDB 1C MS66RD PCGS #2425

Pale orange-red. (PCGS $195/Numismedia $175)

1946-D 1C MS66RD PCGS #2746

Orange to brick-red with nice color and luster. (PCGS $14/Numismedia $31)

1912 5C MS62 PCGS #3873

Light gold toning. An upgrade candidate, but a decent coin. (PCGS $unlisted/Numismedia $88)

1978-S 5C PR69DCAM PCGS #94211

(PCGS $33/Numismedia $unlisted)

1942-P 5C Type 2 PR67 PCGS #4180

Very subdued mirrors. If not for the holder and the strike, I'd have almost thought this a nice MS coin. (PCGS $405/Numismedia $344)

1944-D 10C MS67FB PCGS #5053

This coin replaced a 1939-D in MS67 which now resides in the DeepCoin "No Bands" collection. I have a more common date now, but it's a snow-white gem with full bands. (PCGS $119/Numismedia $116)

1989-S 10C PR69DCAM PCGS #95271

(PCGS $23/Numimedia $unlisted)

1916 25C Barber MS64 PCGS #5673

A blazing white coin with nice luster and the tiniest hint of gold/champagne color. Much whiter in person than in the picture. One of my prettiest coins! (PCGS $425/ Numismedia $522)

1962 25C PR68DCAM PCGS #95994

Virtually unimprovable for a proof quarter of this date. (PCGS $280/Numismedia $unlisted)

1996-S 25C PR69DCAM PCGS #96036

(PCGS $27/Numismedia $unlisted)

1976-S 25C Silver PR69DCAM PCGS #96008

(PCGS $92/Numismedia $unlisted)

1976-S 25C Clad PR68DCAM PCGS #96007

(PCGS $79/Numismedia $unlisted)

1956 50C Type 2 PR67DCAM PCGS #96697

Is there any modern coin more impressive than a DCAM Franklin half? Not in my book! (PCGS $400/Numismedia $unlisted)

1968-S 50C PR68DCAM PCGS #96804

Beautiful mirrors that look like like deep pools of water, nice contrast. (PCGS $69/ Numismedia $unlisted)

1977-S 50C PR69DCAM PCGS #96815

I used to own a 1989-S in PCGS PR70 DCAM but sold it for $100. (That's OK, I bought it for $75). Those were the good ol' days! Anyway, this one looks almost as nice. (PCGS $49/Numismedia $unlisted)

1921 $1 High Relief, Peace MS64 PCGS #7356

Above-average strike and luster for a high-relief Peace dollar, which is tough in MS64. Nice white coin with cartwheel luster and a tiny, tiny hint of gold. It was worth the wait in finding the "right" one for me. The picture does not do it justice! (PCGS $475/Numismedia $600)

1972-S $1 Silver PR68DCAM PCGS #97429

Formerly in an ICG PR69 DCAM holder, this crossed to PCGS PR68 DCAM. I had a PCGS PR69 DCAM in this slot, but it had spots. (PCGS $40/Numismedia $unlisted)

1978-S $1 PR69DCAM PCGS #97438

(PCGS $80/Numismedia $unlisted)

1976-S $1 Silver PR68DCAM PCGS #97436

A relic of my pre-Registry type set. Formerly in an NGC PR69 UCAM holder, this crossed to PCGS PR68 DCAM. (PCGS $50/Numismedia $unlisted)

1999-P SBA$1 PR69DCAM PCGS #99596

I sold my 1981-S Type 1 Susie in the PCGS PR70 DCAM holder, used the money toward my $5 Indian, and got this coin for about 1/10 of what I got for the 70 DCAM. 70 DCAM's were nice to have, but I decided to cash in on the crazy hot prices. No regrets here- I made a huge profit. This coin has the same eye appeal and my set has another tough gold coin. (PCGS $40/Numismedia $unlisted)