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About This Set: May 2018
NEWS! I sold this set. I never thought I would sell a set but it happened. The buyer had the majority of the
top CAC coins that I would need to improve my set. He is a passionate quarter collector and I basically have been
unable to improve my set much over the last few years. The combination of his top coins and mine will create an amazing, all CAC Barber quarter set that will never be beat.
Sometimes when you sell something it makes you amenable to selling more. I would now consider selling a couple of other sets because it is very difficult to improve them. I have moved on to buying beautiful coins in any series. I am no longer constrained by looking for "set" coins. I have also been buying much more gold coins, many with great
eye appeal.
Good luck Mr. Buyer! My set took years to build and had many spectacular coins! Enjoy!

2017 Update
7/26/2017 I noticed a new set that has been entered. i believe it is owned by Mr. Pogue.
The score is very close to this set. Mr. Pogue has purchased amazing coins over the years. The best!
However, approximately 40% of the coins he sold would not pass CAC. That means, at least to me, that
CAC found flaws that they did not care for. Is CAC correct? Yes 100%.
They find wear, scratches and more. The question is, should these things effect the grade? Not everyone agrees that they do.
For the sake of registry competition, Mr. Pogue should submit this Barber
Quarter Set to CAC and publish the results for all to see. It is very difficult to build a top set that is ALL CAC.
If you have read my other posts you know how I feel about CAC. In most cases, I see no reason to buy a coin that
they find fault with even if the grading services and expert graders do not agree. Who needs it? Buy something else! The only exception is if the eye appeal is a ten, I am not as concerned with the grade on the holder or the lack of the CAC sticker if the coin is amazing looking. However, I have many coins and only perhaps 20 meet this criteria.

I added three gems this year, all toned coins. I might have also replaced a few other coins with
examples that have more eye appeal.

I added a few coins this year. It is not easy to improve with only CAC coins. I also replaced a couple of coins with better looking examples in the same grade.
The scoring on this set needs to be totally revamped. See my comments on Barber Halves. Briefly, after 30 years of pops we now know which coins in a series are the rarest in the top grades. The 1901 S is not but its score is the highest. Most registry scoring needs to be looked at and changed somewhat with the help of certain collectors and experts based on the population of the coin and not what was thought to be the rarest years ago.

Finally! It was not easy. MS sets are difficult to achieve. This took many years.
I am still looking for Gem CAC examples with top
eye appeal in any grade even if lower than what I have.

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I am sorry you feel the way you do. The intent was certainly not to disparage someone's set. That is the last thing I would do.
I was trying to stress the importance of coins being CAC approved for top sets. I would much rather own a 66 that is "strong for the grade" than a marginal 67.
CAC should be given an extra half point the same as a plus coin. Over the last ten year most coin people would agree that for the most part CAC coins are nicer than
non CAC coins. I have other sets that cannot get to number one because I refuse to buy non CAC coins where the other set owners do.

Posted at 9/13/2017 4:10 AM by Perfection

Instead of attempting to disparage Mr. Pogue's Barber Quarter Set in your write-up, it would have been nice if you simply had done what the title of that section says and wrote "About THIS Set." Your comments reek of poor taste and pettiness and they distract from what otherwise might be a very nice set to look at.

Posted at 8/13/2017 5:14 AM by Cary the Barber Fanatic

This is a great set to build! I recognize many coins that I used to own ... when I was collecting this series, it was not uncommon for me to own two or three examples of a given date, and I have probably seen most of the top 5 coins of every date in the series. As great as your set is, you can do better!! Keep going!! In particular, watch for Bowers to auction the Pogue set, which contains many coins from my collection. I never submitted the whole set for review and upgrade, but many of the coins grade higher today than when I owned them. I wish you had included the Gardner-Sunnywood 1898-O PCGS MS68 CAC, as well as the incredible James A. Stack-Gardner-Sunnywood 1901-S, both of which Legend handled for me when I sold the remainder of my holdings ... keep an eye out for them someday. I wasn't able to continue working on my sets due to other priorities, but the longer you keep at it, the better and better it gets ... and there are still some fantastic coins out there for you to pursue. Best of luck, and above all, enjoy it !!! -- Sunnywood

Posted at 3/28/2017 12:55 PM by Sunnywood

wow very nice set

Posted at 11/3/2015 12:46 PM by Christopher Powell

Quite an amazing feat!

Posted at 7/6/2015 10:42 AM by lesisaso

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