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1851-O $20 MS61 PCGS #8905

Winter variety 1. Probably the only major variety known. The 51-o is the most common double eagle from the New Orleans mint. However, it is still rare. In high grade AU and Unc, it becomes very hard to locate.

1849-O G$1 MS64 PCGS #7508

Winter variety 1: This is the more common of the 2 described varieties. The obverse stars are weakly struck at the top and bolder at the bottom. Ex: Longfellow collection

1847-O $2.50 MS64 PCGS #7747

Winter variety 1. Ex: Bass. The one is buried in the dentils and is doubled at its base (Obv1). The Mint Mark is penetrated by arrow feathers and is centered over the fraction bar (RevA). The provenance is not on the holder but matches the Bass II 407 coin, formerly PCGS MS63 at the time of sale in October 1999. There is a copper spot on the reverse at the 2. Thank you Stephen Davidson for locating this coin.

1846-O $5 MS61 PCGS #8230

Winter variety 3. MM is lower and tilted left, right shield line curves inward. Despite a mintage of 58,000, the 46-o is rarer than the 45-o (41,000). According to Doug Winter's book on New Orleans gold, only 4 or 5 uncs are known and the population figures at PCGS and NGC likely represent resubmission of the same few uncs. This coin has a lovely cameo effect with prooflike fields. Marks through the eagle's head and neck are on the holder.

1894-O $5 MS61 PCGS #8388

Winter variety 1. MM left c/w variety 2. The 1894-O was the final half eagle from New Orleans, except for the 1909-O Indian. The 1894-O has a mintage less than half the mintage of the 1909-O, but market factors (probably less demand because the number of coins in the Liberty $5 series) make this a suprisingly affordable issue. No survivors have been graded above MS63 to date.

1844-O $10 MS61 PCGS #8591

Winter variety 1. This date is notable for one of the most important coins produced by the New Orleans Mint...a remarkable NGC PR66 that traded for 1.5 mil!!! It is not known why this single proof was produced. My coin is housed in an old green holder. The luster is satiny and clean and this could be a candidate for an upgrade. Thanks again to Stephen Davidson for locating this coin.

1894-O $10 MS63 PCGS #8730

Winter variety 1. The only known variety. The 94-o has a mintage higher than the previous 3 issues combined, yet it is a decidedly rarer coin in higher uncirculated grades. This issue was obviously needed for commercial usage as many circulated pieces are known. Only one gem is known at NGC and only one has graded higher than MS63 at PCGS. This is a later die state example with faint die cracks running through the reverse lettering and obverse stars.