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1806/5 50C Large Stars F12 PCGS #6077

O-103 Old Green Holder, Super Original PQ+

1807 50C Draped Bust G6 PCGS #6079

Fantastic Electric Blue and Neon Purple toning around a rich golden tone on both the obverse and revers, a 10+ for eye appeal, better detail than you would think for a G06. O-105a I believe, but for sure O-105.

1826 50C VF20 PCGS #6143

Only vf20 but the eye appeal is a 10+

1830 50C Small 0 VF35 PCGS #6156

Fantastic Rainbow Toning around the Obverse and Reverse, 10+ for eye appeal. I could not get the picture to pick up the rainbow toned rims, so the coin should be seen in person

1832 50C Small Letters XF40 PCGS #6160

Nice dark original brown tone