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About This Set: 2017
Added no coins to the set. Nice CAC bust quarters are much harder to find than most people
realize. They should sell for substantially more money. Even lower grades like XF and AU are
difficult to locate.

Bust 25C June 2016

I decided to list this set now as I am pretty much done with it. Bust Quarters are wonderful coins. Of course Bust halves are collected far more because there are so many of them.
The scoring on this set needs to be changed. The key is the 1823/2 which is incredibly rare and basically unobtainable in a decent grade. Link bought the gem from the Pogue sale.
I am not sure what happened to the Gardener example but I doubt it was the grade the holder indicated. This over date should not be included in the scoring because it alone accounts
for FAR too many points. If one could be found, in even VF or XF the set score would increase 8-10 points which is absurd.
A good example of eliminating coins that increase a sets score is the DMPL/PL Morgan set. PCGS allows 22 coins to NOT be DMPL or PL to be included in the set.
This is because these coins are so rare that an exception had to be made. If not, few people could build what is a very popular series.
The same should apply to the Bust Quarters. PCGS should remove the 1823/2 from the set!
I still would like to acquire a gem 1821 but the only one I have seen which was amazing was not CAC so I choose to wait.

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments


What a fantastic set you have assembled! The Gardner 1823/2 in PCGS AU58+ Gold CAC is in the Early American Silver Set (Link). The Pogue 1823/2 in AU58 went to another high end set that is not listed on the registry. Congratulations on building a much tougher set than the halves.

Posted at 7/5/2017 2:11 PM by [email protected]

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