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1794 1C S-52 Closed Wreath Coquette AG3BN PCGS #35618

from Shawn's site :1794 S52 Liberty Cap large cent, Head of 1794, R6-. Super-tough R6- variety, one that I have only offered a few examples for sale. Authenticated and graded by PCGS as AG3, and I can't imagine a nicer example at this grade level. Gorgeous medium tan brown color and completely original. Obverse is fully G5 with a tiny planchet defect at ER; the reverse is much weaker at FR2. EAC grade consistent with the PCGS grade. The S-52 attribution is listed on the PCGS label.

1794 1C S-58 Many Haired Head of 1794 G6BN PCGS #35636

ex heritage lot 7012 auction # 1217