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1883 5C No CENTS PR67CAM PCGS #83878

CAC. This stunning piece fully merits the Cameo label, with excellent field-device contrast over the lightly gold-kissed surfaces. A real beauty in hand. PCGS 11/0 (11/09) PCGS 13/0 (11/13) PCGS 18/0 (05/15)

1883 5C With CENTS PR67+ PCGS #3881

CAC. 6/1 (1/16)

1885 5C PR68 PCGS #3883

CAC. 1/0 (5/13). 2/0 (4/18). The mirrors are clean, clear, sleek, and have moderate depth and reflectivity. Both sides are an ORIGINAL nickel/lilac/pale gold color. Miss Liberty and the details are needle sharp in strike and have light frost. The eye appeal is beautiful!

1886 5C PR66+ CAM PCGS #83884

CAC. Business strikes of 1886 are important key issues in the Liberty nickel series, adding demand to the surviving proofs. This Premium Gem Cameo proof has excellent contrast with brilliant light gray surfaces and wonderful eye appeal. 3/2 (12/13) 3/2 (1/14)

1888 5C PR66+ PCGS #3886

CAC. The mirrors are deep but do have some very light golden/lilac toning. Miss Liberty and the details are lightly frosted and have needle sharp strikes. PCGS 2, 6 Higher (7/12) 2/6 (5/13)

1892 5C PR66+ CAM PCGS #83890

CAC, . A fully struck Premium Gem Cameo proof with brilliantly reflective fields, this is a pleasing example. Liberty's cheek displays a few minor contact marks. 2/0 (12/13). 3/0 (1/14). Purchased as PR66CA.

1894 5C PR67CAM PCGS #83892

CAC 7/2(2/16)

1896 5C PR67 PCGS #3894

CAC. Among business strike Liberty nickels, the 1896 is known as an important date that is elusive in high grades. For that reason, many collectors opt for the more available proof example. This Superb Gem proof, a fully struck specimen, is virtually flawless and features amazing gold and rainbow toning on each side. 3/0 (9/12), 3/0 (1/22). Purchased non CAC.

1898 5C PR67+ CAM PCGS #83896

CAC. 3/0 (1/16)

1899 5C PR67 PCGS #3897

CAC 13/2 (1/16)

1901 5C PR67 PCGS #3899

CAC. Ex: Compradore Collection. A satiny peach-gold Superb Gem that boasts an exemplary strike and an absence of perceptible carbon or contact. Population: 28 in 67 (1 in 67+), 0 finer (11/12). Ex: Dallas Signature (Heritage, 11/2005), lot 618; West Palm Beach Signature (Heritage, 6/2008), lot 386; FUN Signature (Heritage, 1/2010), CAC. 27/1 (5/13)

1903 5C PR67+ CAM PCGS #83901

CAC. 1/0 (10/12) 4/1 (1/14)

1904 5C PR67+ CAM PCGS #83902

CAC 1/0 (12/15)

1905 5C PR66CAM PCGS #83903

CAC. Delicate lavender and gold overtones appear on the ice-blue surfaces of this lovely Premium Gem Cameo proof. Remarkable mirrored fields surround the satin devices of this example. Cameo proofs of all denominations from the early 20th century are rarities. Population: 4 in 66 Cameo, 1 finer (8/12). 6/1 (5/13)

1907 5C PR66CAM PCGS #83905

CAC. Discounting the clandestine 1913 issue, the 1907 Liberty Head nickel boasts the lowest proof mintage of the series, at 1,475 pieces. This sharply detailed Premium Gem exhibits distinct cameo contrast between the frosty devices and the deeply mirrored fields. 12/4 (5/13) 12/4 (1/14)

1908 5C PR66CAM PCGS #83906

CAC. Gleaming gold-accented surfaces offer immense reflectivity on this delightful Premium Gem specimen. Decisively struck and appealing, an unusual Cameo representative of this later Liberty issue. From a mintage of just 1,620 pieces. 13/4 (07/12) 16/4 (05/13) 17/5 (01/14) 21/15 (05/15)

1910 5C PR67DCAM PCGS #93908

CAC. 1/0 (12/13) This example has bold design elements with pristine surfaces, deeply mirrored fields, highly lustrous devices, and only a hint of delicate champagne toning.

1911 5C PR67CAM PCGS #83909

CAC. With 1,733 specimens struck, the 1911 is among the lower-mintage proof Liberty nickel issues, and it rarely comes so fine as this PR67 Cameo example. Excellent field-to-device contrast persists through rich patina, zones of aquamarine and peach. Carefully preserved and gorgeous. Population: 7 in 67 Cameo, 0 finer (2/09)