Perfection 5 Coin Album

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1858 25C PR64CAM PCGS #85554

CAC, Hard to believe but no higher cams at PCGS. Original look, nice coin!

1859 25C PR67+ PCGS #5555

CAC, Scher, PCGS pop 2. Amazing toning, as nice as they come!

1861 25C PR65CAM PCGS #85557

CAC, Tough date, Only 1 higher at CAC a 68. B and W Cameo

1863 25C PR65DCAM PCGS #95559

CAC, Pop 2 PCGS, None Higher. Rare to find toned DCAMS. Beautiful coin! Have a 66 but this is nicer.

1864 25C PR65CAM PCGS #85560

CAC, Great toning, A few higher at CAC, sell me one!

1865 25C PR66DCAM PCGS #95561

CAC, Highest coin at CAC except for a lone 68. Best Contrast!

1866 25C Motto PR65DCAM PCGS #95565

CAC, Great contrast.

1868 25C PR66CAM PCGS #85567

CAC, Beautiful toning! PCGS 2 with none higher of any kind. I have the lone DCAM of this date but this coin is nicer looking.

1869 25C PR66+ CAM PCGS #85568

CAC, Highest cam at CAC. Good contrast, looking for a higher grade.

1870 25C PR67 PCGS #5569

CAC, Amazing! Pop 1

1871 25C PR67CAM PCGS #85570

CAC, More than amazing!

1873 25C No Arrows PR67+ CAM PCGS #85572

CAC, Pristine coin, hard to explain, beautiful different toning, a 10.

1874 25C Arrows PR67 PCGS #5575

CAC, Amazing color. None higher.

1876 25C PR66DCAM PCGS #95577

CAC, Great Contrast! Have a 67 but this scores higher for now.

1877 25C PR67CAM PCGS #85578

CAC, Scher. A 10. He had a geat eye.

1878 25C PR67DCAM PCGS #95579

NOT CAC Yes first time I have included a non CAC coin but this one is special. Could be nicest DCAM 25C that exists. Yes I have a 66+ CAC.

1879 25C PR67CAM PCGS #85580

CAC, Pop 1 contrast great.

1881 25C PR68DCAM PCGS #95582

CAC, Best, what can I say?

1883 25C PR68CAM PCGS #85584

CAC Pop 1, Scher Gem!

1887 25C PR67CAM PCGS #85588

CAC, Another toned gem!

1889 25C PR66CAM PCGS #85590

CAC, Toned Gem!

1890 25C PR67DCAM PCGS #95591

CAC, Top mirrors. Gem!