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1909 VDB 1C MS66BN PCGS #2423

"Pacific Blue" Ex. lllini420/M. Kittle, CopperColor, MonsterCoinz| A twin to another top MS66BN that resides in the Coyote Ugly Lincoln Cent Collection | Gold Rating

1909 1C Lincoln MS67BN PCGS #2429

“Hailey’s Comet” Ex. DollarAndCentsCoinShop | MS66BN to MS67BN. First MS67BN added to the set.

1910 1C MS64RB PCGS #2436

"Reactor Core" Ex. coinsplusinc.

1911 1C MS65BN PCGS #2441

“Citrine Dream” Ex. CopperColor, L. Cowle, 66RB, yKnot, WingedLiberty | Mesmerizing greenish blue tones evenly throughout the coin.

1912 1C MS65BN PCGS #2450

"Dark Knight" Ex. J. Wendt Vivid_Coins

1912-S 1C MS64BN PCGS #2456

“Doomsday” Ex. BluCC, CopperColor

1913 1C MS64BN PCGS #2459

"Emerald Gloss" Ex. WingedLiberty, CopperColor | Old 7 digit cert number, this coin is unique to the set, hard to describe unless you view it in person.

1915-D 1C MS65BN PCGS #2480

“Candy Green Apple” Ex. Bust Coinage | Upgraded from MS64BN to MS65BN

1917 1C MS64RB PCGS #2496

"Ring of Color" Ex. Robec | TrueView is not accurate for the color

1917-D 1C MS64+ BN PCGS #2498

“Eclipse” Ex. WorldClassCoins

1917-S 1C MS64BN PCGS #2501

"Sea Mellow" Ex. Ronyahshi, CopperColor |The TrueView did a poor job representing this coin. Luster is not in short supply.

1919 1C MS64RB PCGS #2514

“Green Tiger” Ex. MarylandCoins| The only green tone wood grain toning that I could find. A very neat piece that graded MS64BN by NGC and MS65RB by ANACS.

1919-D 1C MS64BN PCGS #2516

"Ripened Olive" Ex. WingedLiberty | A total head scratcher on how this graded out at only an MS64BN.

1920 1C MS64RB PCGS #2523

"Streaks of Cobalt" Ex. Robec

1920-D 1C MS65BN PCGS #2525

"Buried Gem" Ex. CopperColor, Ronyahski

1923 1C MS65BN PCGS #2543

“Green Fiesta” Ex. Lincolncentman | The Green encompasses almost the whole coin, Im a total sucker for green and this coin will hold the position for years to come.

1924 1C MS65BN PCGS #2549

"Cherry Vomit" Ex. Abe's Coloring Book

1925 1C MS64BN PCGS #2558

“Green Aesthetic” Ex. Ronyahski |Absolute beautiful colors of green, purples and blues. TrueViews do not do justice. When I received it in hand, color just exploded. Crazy even color for a 1925 P.

1925-D 1C MS64BN PCGS #2561

“Kansas Heat” Ex. J Wendt Vivid_Coins

1925-S 1C MS66BN PCGS #2564

"Kona Blue" Ex. Abe’s Coloring Book | 1 of 3 in 66BN, none graded finer in any designation for 1925 S. $12k-36k in MS65RD, this coin is super underrated at only $3k-4k in MS66BN.

1926 1C MS64BN PCGS #2567

“Queen Elizabeth” Ex. Heritage Auctions | Date and mint combo not normally seen in rainbow colors.

1927 1C MS64RB PCGS #2577

“Teich” Ex. Teich, Ronyahski | CAC Sticker

1928 1C MS65RB PCGS #2586

"Pocket Rainbow" Ex. L&C Coins, WingedLiberty | Easily the center piece of the set. Beautiful and clean rainbow toning. The first “monster toned” Lincoln introduced to the set. Possible upgrade to MS66BN. Lovely Coin and truly original.

1928-D 1C MS64BN PCGS #2588

“Skies of Paradise" Ex. J. Wendt Vivid_Coins

1929 1C MS65BN PCGS #2594

“Mud Chocolate” Ex. Lincolncentman

1929-S 1C MS64BN PCGS #2600

“Winter Solstice” Ex. American Heritage Minting

1930 1C MS64BN PCGS #2603

"Target Rainbow" Ex. WingedLiberty

1930-D 1C MS65BN PCGS #2606

“Lucky Abe” Ex. WingedLiberty | Old cert

1930-S 1C MS64BN PCGS #2609

"Evening Getaway" Ex. Ronyahski | TrueView doesn’t capture all the present color. Glowing.

1931 1C MS65BN PCGS #2612

"Aurora" Abe’s Coloring Book

1931-D 1C MS64BN PCGS #2615

“Elusive Rainbow” Ex. B. Podraza | A color rarity for the date/mint combo. Will be hard to find a replacement for this coin.

1931-S 1C MS66BN PCGS #2618

“Nuclear Doomsday” Ex. CopperColor | Described by CopperColor as a 1931 s with nuclear color. Former ICG MS65RB, to PCGS MS63BN, upgraded to MS65BN and upgraded now to MS66BN. I consider this to be a monster considering it is a semi key date.

1932 1C MS64RB PCGS #2622

“Money Glow” Ex. N. Bodana | The trueview hides the lovely glowing green that rides along abes head. | Gold Rating

1932-D 1C MS65BN PCGS #2624

“Midnight Terror” Ex. AvidHiker

1933 1C MS64RB PCGS #2628

“Ring Of Luck” Ex. EL’s Coin & Bullion

1933-D 1C MS66+ BN PCGS #2630

"Evening Glow" Ex. MonsterCoinz, CopperColor | MS65BN to MS66BN to MS66+BN

1934 1C MS66RB PCGS #2634

“Comfort Radiance” Ex. CopperColor; Consignment with GreatCollections| Sister coin to 2 other coins, all bias aside, this is the best of the 2 and it returned for a second trip to receive the correct grade of MS66RB.

1934-D 1C MS65BN PCGS #2636

"Surface of Mars" Ex. CopperColor

1935 1C MS66RB PCGS #2640

"The Green Depression" Ex. JGDCoins

1935-D 1C MS64BN PCGS #2642

"Hawaiian Moss" Ex. Maryland Coins, J. Wendt Vivid_Coins | QA Sticker

1935-S 1C MS65BN PCGS #2645

“Emerald Prism” Ex. J. Wendt Vivid_Coins | Truly stellar piece of copper. Comparable to another stunning piece that’s locked in a very high quality set. | Green CAC Sticker

1936 1C MS64RB PCGS #2649

“Entanglement” Ex. WingedLiberty

1936-D 1C MS65BN PCGS #2651

“Trinitite” Ex. GreatToning

1936-S 1C MS65BN PCGS #2654

“Lucky Clover” Ex. J. Wendt Vivid_Coins | A 2 sided green toned monster of a coin. | Green CAC

1937 1C MS64BN PCGS #2657

"Tripping Abe" Ex. JGDCoins | This coin is easily an MS65BN, not sure what held it back the first time.

1937-D 1C MS65RB PCGS #2661

“Cornea” Ex. J. Ramos

1938 1C MS65RB PCGS #2667

"Rainbow Camo" | Ex. Uscoinology | Crossed from ANACS MS66RB to PCGS MS65RB

1938-D 1C MS66+ RB PCGS #2670

“Desert Heat” Ex. TeleCoin

1938-S 1C MS66+ BN PCGS #2672

"Abe n Gloss" Ex. Abe’s Coloring Book

1939 1C MS65RB PCGS #2676

"Storm Eye" Ex. El’s Coin & Bullion

1939-D 1C MS65RB PCGS #2679

“Warzone” Ex. BlackEagleCoins

1940 1C MS65BN PCGS #2684

"Ultra Violet" Ex. NashuaCoins, WingedLiberty | Originally purchased off of eBay in 2015 by WingedLiberty, graded MS65BN first time around.

1940-D 1C MS65BN PCGS #2687

“Album Dweller” Ex. CopperColor, Ronyahski | This was one of about 6 pieces that came from an album that was purchased by CopperColor. Nicknamed the $4,000 Album.

1940-S 1C MS65BN PCGS #2690

"Tissue Toner" Ex. CopperColor | The origin of this coin came from a fairly decently sized hoard of tissue toned lincoln cents of dates ranging from the 40s. The dealer they were purchased from purchased a whole box for just $10. CopperColor was able to purchase them at the FUN show in early 2020. Many nice pieces came from this hoard and I was lucky enough to be able to acquire 2, this present piece and the 42 S in my set.

1941 1C MS66+ BN PCGS #2693

"Aurora Borealis" Ex. ILikeTonedCoins, WingedLiberty | Ex. NGC MS66BN, crossover as a MS66BN and upgraded to a MS66+BN. Monster Coin, monster price paid

1941-D 1C MS64RB PCGS #2697

“Phoenix Scorcher” Ex. Phoenix Collection

1941-S 1C MS66RB PCGS #2700

“Warming Sunrise” Ex. J. Arbogast | I purchased this from Jeff at the coin show that was hosted in a casino in Lincoln City Oregon. I was amazed by his monster "Bag Burned" Morgan and along the talk I saw this coin that he had labeled MS65BN if I recall correctly. I thought it was a 6, and im glad I was right.

1942 1C MS66BN PCGS #2702

"Perfecta" Ex. Abe’s Coloring Book | A pure glowing Emerald Piece, 1 of 5 pieces that originated from the same place. Possibly the nicest out of the 5 pieces. Possible upgrade in the future.

1942-D 1C MS66RB PCGS #2706

"Denver Hulk" Ex. StrictlyBeautifulCoins, JGD Coins | The term glowing can be used to describe this piece. Eyed this coin for over a year. | CAC Stickered

1942-S 1C MS64BN PCGS #2708

"Coyote Ugly" Ex. CopperColor | The origin of this coin came from a fairly decently sized hoard of tissue toned lincoln cents of dates ranging from the 40s. The dealer they were purchased from purchased a whole box for just $10. CopperColor was able to purchase them at the FUN show in early 2020. Many nice pieces came from this hoard and I was lucky enough to be able to acquire 2, this present piece and the 40 S in my set.

1943 1C MS64 PCGS #2711

"Camouflage" Ex. MarylandCoins| From PCGS Environmental Damage to NGC MS64 to PCGS MS64| This piece will be replacing my former MS66 piece because of more toning present.

1943-D 1C MS65 PCGS #2714

”Siberia Steel” Ex. J. Waddell

1943-S 1C MS66 PCGS #2717

"Kalamata Olive" Ex. B Due | Green olive and purple tones.

1944 1C MS65BN PCGS #2720

“Green Luster” Ex. CopperColor, WingedLiberty

1944-D 1C MS66RB PCGS #2724

“Color Trickle” Ex. StrictlyBeautifulCoins |

1944-S 1C MS64RB PCGS #2730

“Sparkle Spectrum” Ex. Robec

1945 1C MS66RB PCGS #2733

"Aqua Ring" Ex. JGDCoins | Sister coin to my 45 S | 1 of 4 identical toned pieces from a single source.

1945-S 1C MS66RB PCGS #2739

“WonderLuster” Ex. Abe’s Coloring Book | 1 of 4 identical toned pieces from a single source.

1946 1C MS64RB PCGS #2742

"Pacific Rush" Ex. B. Due

1946-D 1C MS65RB PCGS #2745

"Beauty Ring" Ex. Chertan

1946-S 1C MS65BN PCGS #2747

“Goblin Stash” Ex. Ronyahski | Sister coin to Ronyahski’s MS66BN piece, same source. | CAC Sticker

1947 1C MS65BN PCGS #2750

"Kaleidoscope" Ex. WingedLiberty, CopperColor

1947-S 1C MS65RB PCGS #2757

"Heads, No Tails" Ex. ChromaticCoins

1948 1C MS65RB PCGS #2760

“Rainbow Repeater” Ex. CopperColor, Vivid_Coins

1948-D 1C MS64BN PCGS #2762

“Fireworks” Ex. Vivid_Coins

1948-S 1C MS66RB PCGS #2766

“Fireball” Ex. Chris Stergion

1949 1C MS65BN PCGS #2768

"Underrated" Ex. SomeC0ins

1949-D 1C MS64BN PCGS #2771

"Speckle" Ex. CopperColor| From QC to MS63BN to MS64BN.

1949-S 1C MS65BN PCGS #2774

“Guillotine” Ex. StrictlyBeautifulCoins, Ns.Coin (123Coins)

1950 1C MS65RB PCGS #2778

"Concentric" Ex. Abe’s Coloring Book

1950-D 1C MS66RB PCGS #2781

"Mossy Autumn" Ex. Abe’s Coloring Book

1950-S 1C MS65RB PCGS #2784

“Houston Heat” Ex. J. Sandler

1951 1C MS64RB PCGS #2787

“Ring of Fire” Ex. Palos Verdes Coin Exchange | Silver Rating

1951-D 1C MS66+ BN PCGS #2789

"Purple Arc" Ex. V. Rascon | One of my favorite cherrypicks on eBay.

1951-S 1C MS65RB PCGS #2793

“Rising Star” Ex. B. Due

1952 1C MS64BN PCGS #2795

“Psychedelic Trip” Ex. CopperColor

1952-D 1C MS66RB PCGS #2799

Ex. CopperColor

1953 1C MS65BN PCGS #2804

“Green Journey” Ex. SilverStacking_Pro | Crossed from NGC MS65BN. 7 attempts

1953-D 1C MS66BN PCGS #2807

“Show Shocker” Ex. CopperColor | Big thanks to Gary U. for getting it crossed from a NGC MS66RB to a PCGS MS66BN!

1953-S 1C MS64RB PCGS #2811

“Implosion” Ex. StrictlyBeautifulCoins

1954 1C MS65BN PCGS #2813

"Shining Star" Ex. B. Due

1954-D 1C MS64RB PCGS #2817

"Outbreak" Ex. CamsColors

1954-S 1C MS66RB PCGS #2820

“Liquid Rainbow” Ex. CopperColor, David3142 | One of many from an original roll that was purchased by David and sent in by multiple submissions.

1955 1C MS66RB PCGS #2823

“The Poor man’s DDO” Ex. deefree49 | A date that comes super dull and ugly most of the time, though not too colorful, it’s a beautiful example of this late date.

1955-D 1C MS65BN PCGS #2828

"Violent Violet" Ex. John Strategies on eBay | Ex. NGC MS66BN holder.

1955-S 1C MS66RB PCGS #2832

"The Originator" Ex. S. Boyer (BoyerNumismatics) , A.Keena, MonsterCoinz | 1st Coin

1956 1C MS66BN PCGS #2834

"Emerald Beauty" Ex.CopperColor, WingedLiberty| In hand a pure emerald green luster bomb. Amazing color even in slight darkness. Housed in an older holder. One of the first holders that were used when TrueViews were introduced.

1956-D 1C MS66RB PCGS #2838

“Color Flow” Ex. PCcoins, Panola00

1957 1C MS66+ BN PCGS #2840

"Intergalactic" Ex. MonsterCoinz |Designation changed from RB to BN

1957-D 1C MS65RB PCGS #2844

“Emerald Jewel” Ex. MonsterCoinz

1958 1C MS66RB PCGS #2847

“Colorama” Ex. Lincolncentman| The origin of the name comes from the interaction of a plant that I grew up with when I worked in the family business, the Dracaena Marginata Colorama. Thank you David for parting with this monster of a coin

1958-D 1C MS65RB PCGS #2850

"Meteor Shower" Ex. Ronyahski

1918 1C MS65RB PCGS #2505

“Seasick” Ex. Deefree

1918 1C MS65RB PCGS #2505

“Seasick” Ex. Deefree

1945-D 1C MS66RB PCGS #2736

Ex. Triguy237

1945-D 1C MS66RB PCGS #2736

Ex. Triguy237