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1934-D 10C MS66FB PCGS #4991

Paul Evans -- Birght White Super GEM

1935 10C MS67FB PCGS #4993

Paul Evans -- Birght White Super GEM

1935-D 10C MS66FB PCGS #4995

A beautiful coin -- hign end for its grade

1937-S 10C MS66FB PCGS #5009

This date is getting tougher to find...nice.

1938 10C MS67FB PCGS #5011

Nice color with a very nice strike -- clean surfaces

1938-S 10C MS67FB PCGS #5015

Lovely supergem with nearly immaculate fields

1940-S 10C MS67FB PCGS #5027

An almost flawless "s" mint mark coin

1943-D 10C MS67FB PCGS #5047

A beautiful, nearly flawless coin

1944 10C MS67FB PCGS #5051

A beautiful coin, bright with luster - a true Super GEM

1944-D 10C MS67FB PCGS #5053

Blazing coin -- looks 68FB all the way!

1944-S 10C MS67FB PCGS #5055

A virtually flawless, bright white coin

1945-S 10C MS66FB PCGS #5061

Nice coin, high-end for the grade