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Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1795 1/2C 1018 1795 1/2C VF30BN 18 75 35178
PCGS VF30. A mixture of light and medium brown, lighter on the devices. Only scattered marks to speak of. "Plain Edge, No Pole" Year - 1795 Variety - c-6a Rarity - 2
1795 1C 35723 1795 1C AU55BN 2 8 3495
PCGS AU55 Nice glossy chocolate brown surfaces with very little wear. Medium-sized planchet void on the obverse at 3:00.
1795 H10C 38594 1795 H10C AU58 1 2 53142
PCGS AU58. David Perkins Description: This Flowing Hair Half Dime has a nice look to it. On this die marriage the obverse die clashed early. This example shows these extensive clash marks. It is toned a light to medium silver-gray on the obverse while the reverse is medium gray and gold with some darker gray and blue mixed in. There are some scattered marks seen under the toning with a glass. The PCGS price for an AU58 coin is $9,250. Coin World Trends shows a price of $8,750 for an AU55 and $11,000 for a MS60 example. Heritage Auctions Description (Auction #1217 - Long Beach, Lot #3062, Jan/Feb 2015): 1795 Half Dime, V-4, LM-10, AU58 Sharp Flowing Hair Type Coin 1795 H10C V-4, LM-10, R.3, AU58 PCGS. Heavily clashed, but struck before the rim cud develops above the TY in LIBERTY. The earlier crack in that area is present. This piece is an ideal type coin, showing sharp detail and only a trace of friction over the high points. Pale golden-gray toning yields deeper hues of olive and blended lavender in the margins. A few faint adjustment marks are detectable in the central reverse. (NGC ID# 22ZV, Variety PCGS# 38594, Base PCGS# 4251)
1795 50C 39241 1795 50C VF35 1 4 85219
PCGS VF35 Attractive Flowing Hair half dollars are hard to find, and I feel fortunate to have purchased this sample. Heritage Auctions Description: 1795 Half Dollar, Choice VF O-125, Two Leaves 1795 50C 2 Leaves, O-125, T-13, R.4, VF35 PCGS. Stone-gray overall with hints of golden-brown and forest-green near the rims. No marks are of any significance, and pockets of luster outline letters and stars. Exceptional quality for the VF35 level, and a lovely representative of the scarce two-year Flowing Hair type. (NGC ID# 24E7, Variety PCGS# 39241, Base PCGS# 6052)
1795 S$1 Flowing Hair 6852 1795 $1 VF25 178 737 2591072
PCGS VF25 Heritage Auctions Description: 1795 Flowing Hair Dollar, VF25 B-5, BB-27, Three Leaves 1795 $1 Flowing Hair, Three Leaves, B-5, BB-27, R.1, VF25 PCGS. Bowers Die State II, with die line from left wreath stem toward but not touching rim. An attractive light gray piece with moderate circulation wear but no problems. The 1795 B-5 is the most commonly available variety of all Flowing Hair dollars, doing much to recommend it to the type collector. Liberty's face is especially well-preserved on this example, with clearly defined features and no significant marks. (NGC ID# 24WZ, Variety PCGS# 39977, Base PCGS# 6852)
1795 S$1 Draped Bust 96858 1795 $1 XF40 45 74 104209
PCGS XF40 Heritage Auctions Description: 1795 B-14, BB-51 Dollar, Bold XF40 Off-Center Draped Bust 1795 $1 Draped Bust, Off-Center, B-14, BB-51, R.2, XF40 PCGS. Bowers Die State I. This unique off-center Draped Bust die variety represents the first use of new obverse and reverse motifs. This portrait of Liberty, believed to be by Robert Scot, would be used through the end of silver dollar production in 1804. This pinpoint-sharp example exhibits strong curl and feather detail, including partial definition on the eagle's breast. Light steel-gray patina covers each side. Small adjustment marks are seen on the lower reverse. (NGC ID# 24X2, Variety PCGS# 39996, Base PCGS# 96858)