Submission Guidelines

Below is a step-by-step guide to completing the PCGS submission form. You may either click within the numbered areas on the form or scroll down to see all the instructions plus shipping instructions and complementary grading submissions. By following these instructions you will prevent any delays in processing your order. If you have any questions regarding the submission form that are not answered below, please contact PCGS Customer Service at [email protected] or (800) 447-8848.

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Member Name and Number: Fill in your name and PCGS Collectors Club member number. Your member number is located on your welcome letter or within your online account.


Return Shipping Address: Fill in your return shipping address and contact details. Be sure to provide your full email address and phone number. In the event PCGS has questions or concerns regarding the submission, you will be contacted via email using the address provided. PCGS will only contact customers via phone if an email response is not received.


Alternate Return Shipping: Complete this section only if requesting the use of your own USPS Express Mail or FedEx account or you are a PCGS Authorized Dealer planning to pick up your submission at the PCGS office. If you are requesting PCGS to return your submission via your FedEx or USPS Express Mail account, fill in your full account number, insurance limit, delivery option and indicate if a signature is required. If you are a PCGS Authorized Dealer planning to pick up your submission, please check the appropriate box. Note: Pick up option is available by appointment only.


Service Group: Select a Service Group (one per form). Gold Shield™ service includes free TrueView imaging. If selecting Gold Shield service please add $5 per coin. Coins required for Gold Shield service: 1. All World (Non-U.S.) coins submitted under any service level other than the Modern Tier. 2. Any coin submitted under Express or higher. 3. Reholders valued above $3,000.

Available Service Group options:
  • U.S. Standard
  • U.S. Gold Shield
  • World Modern, Non-Gold Shield
  • World Gold Shield

Type of Submission: Select a type of submission (one per form).

  • Grading – For raw, non-encapsulated coins.
  • Regrade – For PCGS-graded and encapsulated coins you would like PCGS to review for a higher grade.
  • Crossover – For coins currently graded and encapsulated by another third-party grading service.
  • Reholder – For PCGS-graded and encapsulated coins that you would like to be placed into a new PCGS holder. Coins submitted for reholder will not be reviewed for a higher grade.
  • Guarantee Resubmission – If you have a PCGS-graded and encapsulated coin that you feel is overgraded, misattributed, or counterfeit; submit the coin in its holder under the Guarantee Resubmission service. PCGS Guarantee Details.
  • Reconsideration – For PCGS-graded and encapsulated coins that you would like regraded without removing the coin from its current PCGS holder unless the coin upgrades. Select one of the sub-options below:
    • Upgrade by full numerical grade – Example: MS64 to MS65.
    • Upgrade by plus ONLY – Example: AU58 to AU58+.
    • Upgrade by suffix – Example: BN to RB/RD, CAM to DCAM, PL to DMPL.
    • Any – Example: MS64 to MS65, AU58 to AU58+, BN to RB/RD, CAM to DCAM, PL to DMPL.

    Coins that upgrade under the Reconsideration service will be charged an additional Guarantee Premium fee of 1%. The 1% fee is based on the value of the coin in its final grade. If a PCGS Price Guide value is available for the coin, the 1% will be charged based on this value. If a PCGS Price Guide value is not available, the 1% fee will be based on the declared value noted on the submission form. PCGS reserves the right to determine the coins final value. View additional details on  PCGS Reconsideration Service.


Genuine Service: All coins submitted are subject to being deemed as Genuine (not gradable). Select one of the three options for our Genuine Service. Only one option is allowed per submission form:

  • Genuine with Details (default) (will print the coin problem as well as a details grade).
  • Genuine no Details.
  • Do not holder Genuine-only coins.
  • NOTE: Full grading fee will be charged.

Service Level: Select the appropriate service level based on the type of coin(s) being submitted, the declared value of the coin(s) or the requested turnaround time desired (one per form).

  • Tokens and Medals should be submitted under the Special Issues or Economy Special Issues Service Levels. For further information on eligible Tokens and Medals, visit
  • To take advantage of the complimentary submissions included in certain membership levels, please mark the "other" option and write "CC Voucher #XXXXXX" on the blank line.

Indicate all pertinent coin information:

  1. Quantity: Indicate the quantity of coin(s) for each line. If you are submitting multiples of the exact same coin (raw, non-encapsulated coins), list them on the same line. Coins submitted in a PCGS or other Third Party Grading company’s holder must be listed individually to account for the certification number and applicable grades.
  2. Date / Mint Mark: Indicate the date and mint mark of each coin (if applicable).
  3. Denomination: Indicate the face value of each coin.
  4. Country: For Non-U.S. Coins, indicate the country of origin for each coin (cannot mix U.S. and World on the same submission form).
  5. Coin Number / Description: Indicate the PCGS coin number (optional) and the description or variety of each coin (if applicable). PCGS coin numbers can be found at PCGS Coin Number Lookup. Variety example: On a 1937-D Buffalo Nickel, a variety would be 3 Legs. While PCGS does not recognize every variety for all coins, we will recognize most major varieties. Certain varieties will only be recognized through the Variety Attribution Service.
  6. PCGS TrueView: For an additional $10 per coin you will receive a digital, high resolution image of each coin.
  7. Variety Attribution: For an additional $18 per coin PCGS will attribute select varieties such as VAM, Overton, Fivaz-Stanton, etc. on select coin series. Please note, Variety Attribution is not available for Show Services.
  8. First Strike: For an additional $18 per coin PCGS will designate eligible coins with a First Strike label.
  9. Grade: For coins currently graded and encapsulated, indicate the full grade. Include any plus grades or suffixes if applicable.
  10. Certification Number: For coins currently graded and encapsulated, indicate the full certification number. For PCGS-graded coins, the certification number is located on the front of the PCGS label to the right of the forward slash.
  11. Min. Grade: Indicate the lowest acceptable grade. For coins currently encapsulated by a third-party grading service other than PCGS, provide your minimum acceptable grade. You cannot indicate a minimum grade higher than the grade currently on the label. For raw (non-graded and encapsulated) coins 1965 to date, you may indicate (but are not required to) a minimum grade.

    NOTE: Minimum grades are not accepted on Regrade or Reconsideration Service Types or coins dated prior to 1965.

    For Raw Coins: Use this column only if you do not want your coin encapsulated unless it meets this minimum grade or higher. You will be charged the full grading fee even if your coin does not meet the minimum grade specified and is not encapsulated.

    For Crossovers: For a coin previously graded (currently encapsulated) by another grading service, PCGS will holder the coin only if it meets or exceeds your specific request. Please specify one of the following options (If you leave this area blank, PCGS will assume the minimum grade is the grade currently on the holder).

    • "CURRENT" – Requests coins to cross at grade listed on holder.
    • "ANY" – Requests coins to cross at any numerical grade (01-70).
    • "DETAILS" – Request coin to cross at any numerical grade or Genuine No-Grade.
    • "LOWER GRADE" If you would like to specify a lower grade than listed on the holder, write your acceptable numerical grade (include suffix if applicable).

    Note the following limitations apply:

    • You cannot specify a higher minimum grade.
    • You cannot specify a minimum details grade for existing genuine-holdered coins.
    • First Strike or equivalent will not be recognized.

    Fees: Standard grading fees will apply whether the coin crosses or not (since the coin completed the grading process and our graders rendered an opinion). Coins that do cross will also be charged a Guarantee Premium based on the value of the coin. For coins which do not meet the minimum grade specified, the result for the coins will show as Did Not Cross. Please keep in mind that it is not uncommon for different grading services to reach different conclusions about the grade of a particular coin. PCGS is not bound, in any way, by an opinion rendered by another grading service.

  12. Declared Value: Indicate the insurance value for each coin. If you are unsure of the value of your coin, contact a PCGS Authorized Dealer in your area, or reference the PCGS Price Guide to establish a value based upon the grade you feel your coin will qualify for. If you fail to provide a declared value for each coin, your order will be on hold and you authorize PCGS to assign a value of $50 per coin.
  13. Total Declared Value: Total the declared value for all coins on this submission and indicate the amount on the line provided.

Fee Calculation: Multiply the total number of coins by the selected service level fee and indicate the amount on the line provided.

  • If additional services were added to the submission, multiply the number of coins by the fee for the selected service and indicate the total on the line provided.
  • If adding PCGS Gold Shield service, multiply the number of coins by the $5 fee and indicate the total on the line provided.
  • Coin(s) requiring the use of an oversized holder will be charged an additional fee of $20 per coin.
  • NOTE: There is a $10 Handling Fee for each submission.
  • If purchasing a PCGS Collectors Club membership add the membership fee on the line provided.
  • Shipping Cost: Return shipping fees are required for each submission. PCGS returns all orders via Priority, Express or Registered Mail (based upon the declared value). Shipping fees are calculated by the number of coins submitted and the total declared value of the submission. Based on the shipping chart, indicate the shipping charge for the submission. You may not combine shipping for multiple orders unless you are utilizing your own USPS Express Mail or FedEx account. Collectors Club members are responsible for return shipping and handling on complimentary submissions. Shipping rates are subject to change.
  • If the Guarantee Premium fee applies to your submission, indicate the estimated Guarantee Premium fee on the line provided.

Once all fees are calculated, indicate the total on the Estimated Total Charges line.


Method of Payment: Select your method of payment. PCGS accepts cash, check, money order, all major credit cards or payment via line of credit established with PCGS.

If the desired method of payment option is "credit card on-file", select the CCOF box. Indicate the last four digits of the credit card on-file for verification. Purchasing a PCGS membership or subscription online does not place a credit card on-file with PCGS. If you would like to register a credit card on-file (for submission payment) please contact PCGS Customer Service at 800-447-8848.

If you have an established line of credit with PCGS and would like this payment option, select the LOC box.

If paying with a credit card or a credit card on-file, sign the card holder signature line.


Review the Terms and Conditions on the back of the submission form and sign and date the front of the form. By signing the form, you are agreeing to the PCGS terms and conditions. Orders without signatures will not be processed. Please reference the PCGS Collectors Club Agreement (PDF) for additional information.

Additional Submission Information:

Guarantee Premium: This additional fee applies to Rarities, Crossovers and Reconsiderations. The Guarantee Premium is equal to 1% of the value of the coin in its final grade. The value of the coin is determined by the PCGS Price Guide value for that grade or the Declared Value of the coin, if the Price Guide value is not available. The minimum amount for the Guarantee Premium is $5. PCGS reserves the right to make the final determination of the coin’s value.

  • House your coins individually in 2 ½" x 2 ½" mylar flips (we do not accept acrylic snap cases or cardboard and stapled coin holders). Place the coin in the inside front pouch of the flip so the openings of the flip are not exposed. PCGS highly recommends you use mylar flips when submitting your coins for grading. The inert mylar flips will be a better storage unit for your coins while they are in the grading process here at PCGS.
  • For Grading (raw coins), label each mylar flip using a sticker. Write the submission number and the corresponding line number for that item on the sticker and place it on the flip.
  • When utilizing the carbon, four page form, tear away the gold copy (last copy) and cover page and retain for your records. Send the remaining three copies with your coins to PCGS.
  • Package securely and mark the outside of the package with the fastest service level you are sending. For complimentary submissions, please mark "CLUB." This will help expedite the processing of your order.
  • You may send us more than one submission at a time in the same box. If you do this, be sure and fill out the "Package Information" block at the top of the submission form.
  • Please be sure that each individual order has its own submission form and method of payment. We are unable to combine orders for return shipment unless you are utilizing your own USPS or FedEx account.
  • Note: When mailing packages to PCGS, please be sure to tape the entire package. By taping the package well, you’ll reduce the chances of tampering during shipping and prevent items from slipping through the openings in the box.
  • Ship via USPS Registered Mail (registered, insured) for safest delivery. Ship to: PCGS, P.O. Box 9458, Newport Beach, CA 92658.
  • If shipping via FedEx (excluding Ground), ship to: PCGS (Hold for pick up), 7000 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92618.
  • Keep a copy of the shipment tracking number for your records.
  • No UPS or DHL shipments will be accepted.
  • Visit your PCGS Account page to check the status of your order.
  • We do not accept postage stamps for return shipping. In addition, we do not accept boxes or containers for the return of your order.

As a Gold or Platinum PCGS Collectors Club Member, you have been provided a voucher for complimentary coin grading submissions as part of your membership.

Please include your voucher with your complimentary submissions or provide the voucher number on the "other" line in the Service Level section.

You may submit your coins for either Grading (raw), Regrade, Crossover, or Reconsideration. You cannot submit U.S. and World coins together and you cannot submit Grading, Regrades, Crossovers or Reconsiderations on the same submission form.

To redeem your vouchers you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Valid for submission of U.S. or World (non-U.S.) coins equivalent to either the Regular Standard or Regular Gold Shield service level.
  • Voucher is not valid for Restoration Services, Mint Errors, Special Issues, Additional Services, Guarantee Premium fees or coins valued over $3,000.
  • Voucher cannot be used with any other discounts or specials.
  • Vouchers are valid for submissions to the PCGS U.S. office only.
  • The voucher is valid for the term of the original membership only. Please refer to expiration date printed on voucher or referenced in your online welcome email.
  • You are responsible for Guarantee Premium fees and return shipping and handling on complimentary submissions.

Call 800-447-8848 or Email [email protected]
M-F 7:00am - 5:00pm PST