Coins Certified as of 7/27


New Set Composites Online
Mexican Ferdinand VII Armoured Bust Denomination Type Set, Circulation Strikes (1808-1814)
Ferdinand VII Draped Best Denomination Type Set, Circulation Strikes (1808-1825)

New Set Composites Online
Canadian Silver Commemorative Fifty Dollars, Proof (2006 to date)
Canadian Silver Commemorative One Hundred Dollars, Proof (2013 to date)
Canadian Silver Commemorative One Hundred Twenty Five Dollars, Proof (2014 to date)
Canadian Silver Commemorative Two Hundred Fifty Dollars, Proof (2007 to date)
Central American Republic Denomination Type Set, Circulation Strikes (1824-1851)

2016 PCGS Set Registry Awards
The deadline was 6/30, 5pm EST/2pm PST. Judging is now underway.

PCGS Set Registry Awards Luncheon
This year, the PCGS Set Registry Luncheon is scheduled for Friday, 8/12, in Anaheim and the ANA Convention. Email invitations have been sent. If you did not receive your invitation, please email [email protected] RSVP's are required and due by 7/29.


Voting Closes Thursday!
Thursday is the last day to cast your vote for Best Digital Album for 2016. Vote by 5pm EST/2pm PST. Click here.

New Set Composites Online
British Elizabeth II Silver Ten Pound Basic Set, Proof (2012-present)
British Elizabeth II Silver Twenty Pound Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (2013-present)
British Maundy Set Elizabeth II (2014)

2016 PCGS Set Registry Awards
The PCGS Set Registry award deadline is Thursday, June 30th, 5pm EST/2pm PST. Any updates to sets must be made prior to the deadline. Don't forget to vote for your favorite Digital Album. To do so, login to the Set Registry Message Board and go to the digital album poll. Click here to cast your vote! 
For more information about the PCGS Set Registry Awards, please click here.

New Set Composites Online
U.S. Silver Complete Modern Set, Circulation Strikes and Proof (1982-present)
South Korea 100 Won, Circulation Strikes (1970-1982)

New Set Composite Online
1998 Year Set

New Coin Additions
We are gearing up for the 2016 PCGS Set Registry Awards. The deadline this year is June 30th. Any new coin additions to composites will be added as optional until after the deadline.

New Set Composite Online
German Third Reich 2 Reichsmark Luther, Circulation Strikes (1933)

New Set Composite Online
1995 Year Set

New Set Composites Online
1992 Year Set
2012 Year Set
1904 Newfoundland Mint Set
1904 Newfoundland Specimen Set

New Set Composite Online
1976 Year Set

New Set Composite Online
1991 Year Set

New Set Composites Online
Australian Kookaburra Silver 2 Dollars, Circulation Strikes (1992-2009)
Tuvalu Star Trek Silver Dollar Series, Proof (2015)

New Set Composites Online
People's Republic of China Second Series of Chinese Zodiac Commemoratives, Circulation Strikes (2015 - 2026)
Polish Lodz Ghetto Token Coinage, Circulation Strikes (1942-1943)

New Category!
Year Sets, which include every coin minted during a single year from cents to bullion, are going online. If you are interested in seeing a particular date, please email your request to [email protected].

New Set Composite Online
Liberty Seated Dimes Variety Set Top 100 by Fortin (1837-1891)

New Set Composites Online
French 50 Centimes, Circulation Strikes (1942-1944)
French Franc, Circulation Strikes (1942-1944)
French 2 Francs, Circulation Strikes (1943-1944)

New Set Composites Online
Angola Portuguese Colony Complete Set, Circulation Strikes (1921-1974)
Canadian Silver One Ounce Birds of Prey Series, Circulation Strikes (2014-2015)

New Set Composites Online
Bashlow 1861 Confederate Cent Restrikes (1961)
Japanese Silver 100 Yen, Circulation Strikes (1957-1966)
New Zealand Dollars Silver Kiwi, Circulation Strikes (2004-present)

New Set Composites Online
People's Republic of China World Heritage Historic Monuments of Dengfeng in “The Centre of Heaven and Earth”, Proof (2011)
People's Republic of China World Heritage Mt. Huangshan, Proof (2013)
People's Republic of China World Heritage West Lake Cultural Landscape of Hangzhou, Proof (2014)

Set Registry Scrapbook
Enjoy images from the FUN show in Tampa. Click here.

New Feature
In My Preferences, as new items are added to set composites which could lower your completion factor, you can elect to receive an email to let you know which items have been added.

New Set Composites Online
2015 Mint Set
2015 Proof Set

New Set Composites Online
Australian Alphabet Collection Silver Dollars, Circulation Strikes (2016)
People's Republic of China Year of the Horse (2014)

New Set Composites Online
Australian Age of the Dinosaurs Silver Dollars, Proof (2014-2015)
Australian Mini Money Gold .5g Set, Proof (2012)

2015 Coinage
2015 coins are now required in the modern U.S. set composites. 2016 coins will be added as optional later this Spring. We will continue to update the modern world coin sets with 2015 coins in the next few months.

Happy New Year!
We want to wish all our members, and their loved ones, a very happy and prosperous New Year. Collectors Universe will be closed on 1/1/16 to observe the holiday.

PCGS Luncheon videos available for viewing online:

You will need Adobe Flash Player installed on your web browser in order to view these videos.
     August 2009 - PCGS Set Registry Awards Presentation and Tour of the CoinFacts website
PCGS Set Registry awards were presented by Collectors Universe and PCGS Founder, David Hall.  In addition, Ron Guth, President of CoinFacts, gave a presentation on the new CoinFacts website.
     August 2008 - PCGS Set Registry Awards Presentation and Price Guide Enhancements
Ron Guth presents awards to the 2008 winners and David Hall discusses new price guide features.
     August 2008 - Panel Discussion on Copper Coinage
Panelists Stewart Blay, Steven Ellsworth, Denis Loring, Richard Snow and Andrew Skrabalak discuss collecting copper.
     January 2008 - The History of Grading presented by Ron Guth, Q&A Session with David Hall
     January 2006 - Grading Summit. Q. David Bowers, David Hall, Jim Halperin, Dr. Donald H. Kagin, Julian Leidman and Scott A. Travers participated in a panel discussion about the history of grading, the grading scale, and the future of grading which also included a discussion on whether or not the rare coin market should adopt a 100-point grading scale.
     January 2005 - The Good Old Days. Discussing “What Was the Coin Market like in the 1950s and 1960s?” was Q. David Bowers, David Hall, Art Kagin and Julian Leidman. This very entertaining video gives you a rare opportunity to hear the delightful stories of Art Kagin, who passed away in July, 2005.