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1800 1C F15BN PCGS #1449


1796 1C Reverse of 1794 F15BN PCGS #1404

1796 S110 Draped Bust Large Cent, Reverse of 1794, R3. Authenticated and graded by PCGS as F15, #1404.15/28272794. Recorded in the Noyes Numistudy condition census as #39805, F12 net VG10 Average, CC24. I think Noyes is nuts and PCGS has it right: my SAY grade is F15 net F12 Average Plus. Very nice, original medium brown color with details that most would call VF20. The only defect are some tiny, tiny black spots at lower left obverse, plus a tiny reverse rim bump at S-O. Very nice for a middle-grade 1796 draped bust large cent. Ex-Doug Bird 07/96 as VF; Superior 02/08/98:890; EAC 2001 03/31/01:196; Scott Barrett.

1797 1C Rev of 1797, Stems VF20BN PCGS #1422

S-138 Crossover from old Anacs.