Set Registry Benefits

Building collections of United States coins can be rewarding and very pleasurable. Participating in the PCGS Set Registry program can also be a lot of fun. In addition to the enjoyment of comparing your coins to the greatest sets of all time, you also receive the following benefits:

Recognition for your coins.

If your coins are the top five best sets, your collection will be listed on the first page of the PCGS Set Registry. And, if you desire, your name will be listed in the PCGS Set Registry for all to see. You have three options in listing the name of your collection: you can use your full name, you can use your initials, or you can simply be an anonymous collector. Also note that while we will list the average grade of your set, we will not list the grades of the individual coins unless you give us your permission to do so.

All Time Finest Sets: Should you sell your collection, you can choose to remain in the All Time Finest category if your set is at least 90% complete. (There are exceptions to the 90% rule if the set is extremely rare.)

A valuable pedigree.

In the rare coin market a pedigree is a contributing factor in the pride of ownership and value of the coin. Coins from famous collections such as Eliasberg, Norweb, Garrett, etc., usually command a premium in the marketplace. In some instances, PCGS may recognize, at their discretion, pedigrees for people, living and dead, or of hoards or accumulations of coins that are of historical significance. Pedigrees recognize important collecting achievements both within and without the PCGS Set Registry.

If you participate in the PCGS Set Registry program your set may qualify for the free pedigree service. The free pedigree service policy is as follows:

  • The set must be 100% complete.
  • The set must be in the top 5 in the Registry.
  • PCGS does not pedigree modern Mint and Proof sets (1965-present), Everyman Collections or Low Ball sets.
  • Sets with less than 10 coins may be pedigreed if warranted. The decision will be that of PCGS experts.
  • The Registry member is responsible for shipping and handling costs. The fee for pedigrees for upgrades to your set submitted after the initial pedigree is $12 a coin. PCGS will not pedigree duplicate coins. You must submit both the upgraded coin and the coin it will be replacing. The coin that will no longer remain in your set will be reholdered without the pedigree and returned to you along with the newly pedigreed coin. The fee for removal and addition of a pedigree is $24 ($12 reholder fee for each coin). Your set must remain 100% complete and in the top five to qualify.

To confirm that your set qualifies for the free Pedigree Service, contact customer service at [email protected]. Then mail with your coins a PCGS submission form and a printed page from the set registry that lists your set in the top five.

Please note: Pedigrees can be up to 22 characters in length. If the coin has a variety designation (i.e. Type 1, Type 2, etc.), this is included as part of the total character count. Indicate on your submission form if you would like your coins sequentially numbered (please note that sequential numbering is only available on the initial pedigree - PCGS cannot sequentially number upgrades to pedigrees). PCGS no longer certifies coins with green inserts.

Submission instructions for sets with both PCGS Gold Shield™ and regular holdered coins:
PCGS processes these two types of holders differently. Therefore, if you want some coins in Gold Shield holders and some in regular holders, you must submit your set on two separate submission forms.

You may ship to PCGS in one shipment, but must provide postage and handling on both submission forms for return shipments as the coins will be returned to you in separate packages. Cross reference each submission form with the other and attach a copy of a printout of your set from the Registry to each submission form. Sets with mixed holders cannot be sequentially numbered.

If you would like to have all of your coins put in Gold Shield holders when you pedigree your set, you may do so. The per coin fee is $5. You may submit your entire set on a regular submission form, and add Gold Shield in your fee calculation. Gold Shield coins can be sequentially numbered.

Free Submissions.

We recognize that not every coin in every important collection has been graded by PCGS. In order to encourage participation in the PCGS Set Registry program we are offering the following free grading benefits for sets that reach 90% completion:

  • If the set composition is 20-49 coins you are entitled to 1 free submissions
  • If the set composition is 50-99 coins you are entitled to 2 free submissions
  • If the set composition is 100+ coins you are entitled to 3 free submissions

You should request your free submissions with the intent to either add to or upgrade your set with the coins that are being graded for free. In other words, if you request free grades for your Barber Dimes Basic Set your submission must be Barber dimes.

If your set has reached 90% complete and meets the conditions below, please contact [email protected] with your name, address, phone number and the title & category of the qualifying set(s). Please indicate whether you would like your coins graded through the PCGS Gold Shield service. You will be sent, by U.S. mail, a submission form to be used exclusively for your free grades. If you wish to send coins in for different types of submissions i.e. crossover (crossovers are not eligible for PCGS Gold Shield), regrade or raw, please inform us when you request your free grades as separate forms will be required. You are responsible for postage and handling for each submission.

Terms and conditions:

  • Free submissions are for PCGS Collector Club members only. If you are not yet a member, click here for membership information.
  • Set must be 90% complete and the composite must be 20 coins or more.
  • A specific coin series can be used only once to earn free submissions (ex. Barber Dimes Date Set and Barber Dimes Basic Set are considered the same series).
  • Free submissions cannot be combined with additional services (ex. Variety Attribution, First Strike Designation).
  • Free submissions cannot be combined with any other submission.
  • There is a maximum of 3 free grades per year.
  • Coins are graded through Regular or PCGS Gold Shield services only.
  • Per coin value must not exceed $3000.
  • Submissions must include postage and handling fees.

Find Coins Faster.

Access the PCGS Shop button exclusively through the Set Registry. This amazing tool allows you to easily search and filter coin listings from multiple sites at once, all within a single page view. To learn more, read the detailed How to Guide.

Create A Digital Album.

The PCGS Set Registry is home to the internet’s only digital coin album. Members can easily create beautiful albums for their collections that resemble classic cardboard coin albums. To learn more, read our detailed How to Guide.